All-Star Game 2008

The All-Star Game has begun.

                              AL Lineup:                                      
NL Lineup:
                              Ichiro Suzuki RF                             Hanley Ramirez SS
                              Derek Jeter SS                                 Chase Utley 2B
                              Josh Hamilton CF                           Lance Berkman 1B
                              Alex Rodriguez 3B                          Albert Pujols DH
                              Manny Ramirez LF                         Chipper Jones 3B
                              Milton Bradley DH                         Matt Holiday RF
                              Kevin Youkilis 1B                            Ryan Braun LF
                              Joe Mauer C                                     Kosuke Fukudome CF
                              Dustin Pedroia 2B                                 Geovany Soto C

Ben Sheets v. Cliff Lee

Updates To Come:

8:21: I took some pixx today of the All-Stars in the parade. They aren’t that good because I took them with my phone [my damn sister lost my camera] but I went through hell to be able to take them so pretend you like them. I’ll be uploading them later, probably in a separate post. Ahh, ASG will soon begin.

8:49: Dozens of Hall Of Famers took their spots on the Yankee Stadium field. The Stadium is now truly the Field Of Dreams. The Boss Man threw out the ceremonial first pitch. This game is officially historic.

8:55: Niiice start by Cliff Lee. Let’s see what the AL offense has got tonight.

9:02: Already a single and stolen base by the Capt’n. Somebody wants another ASG MVP.

9:20: The first two are in the books with no score. This looks to be a low scoring game. I got $20 on the AL scoring first.

9:40: Good pitching is exciting… except during the All-Star Game. Let see some runs. Josh, take one out of the Stadium.

9:54: Okay, so now I’m down $20, but it’s only a matter of time before the AL strikes back.

10:11: The Capt’n lets the crowd down, with a ground out to end the inning… #%@&.

10:34: All of the greatest hitters on one field *cough* except Varitek *cough* and only 2 runs in the game. Goes to show you, good pitching beats good hitting any day. The AL is still down. The NL has a good shot.

10:53: Joe Girardi catching again down in the bullpen. Weird but cool.

10:54: J.D. Drew just tied it. ‘Bout time.

11:02: Yankee fans chanting “Mariano”. Now they’re chanting “Overrated”. I think it’s safe to say Ortiz has lost his “Most Hate Red Sox Player” title.

11:05: Now the NL takes the lead. Papelbon getting booed hard. Up next for the AL: Quentin, Crede, Sizemore. I say Sizemore gets it done.

11:19: Sizemore singles and steal a bag. Longoria drives him in. Tie game.

11:24: We get the answer we’ve been waiting for… since there’s a tie game in the 9th, and playing at home, there will be no save situation for any AL pitcher. K-Rod is in. If the American League scores in the bottom of the 9th Mariano would not have pitched in the All-Star Game [assuming K-Rod isn’t pulled in the middle of the inning]. Let’s hope for extra innings.

11:27: K-Rod does get pulled. Enter Sandman. Let’s hope for a 9th inning walkoff.

11:35: 6 pitches and 2 outs. That’s Mo being Mo.

11:42: Extra Innings. Mo still out there.

Sidenote: About the whole
Papelbon situation and what he said about closing the ASG… I’ll admit it was blown out of proportion and the fans have
been jokingly tough on him as well as downright rude but it is New
York and not that it’s an excuse but… I don’t think anyone expected the fans to be nice. He’s
been taking it pretty well though. I heard that during the parade when the fans began a chant of Mariano he polished his World Series ring. I’ll give it to him for that.

11:53: Rivera gets another DP to end the inning. On to the bottom of the 10th. Give him the win.

11:58: If the AL takes it here I have an idea of a specific player who will go home crying. Initials: D.U.

12:00: The clock strikes midnight and I say Longoria will be Mr. July… 16th.

12:03: …. Morneau?

12:05: Bases loaded with no outs and no run scores? in an All-Star Game?… Excuse me, i’ll be tearing my hair out.

12:13: Joe Buck had an interesting point considering the whole “home field advantage in the World Series” thing… what happens in the event of a tie? Of course Buck went on to make corny jokes about it [ex: dance off]… but seriously, what happens?

12:24: It was a close play but Navarro was safe!! When did they say instant replay was coming?

12:25: We are going to the 12th inning. No matter who wins, this will be an awesome send off for the Stadium.

12:28: Francona is running low on pitchers. He essentially has only one left considering that neither Kazmir nor the Rays want Kazmir to pitch. Tell the Moose to get his *** down there. If not, wheeeere’s Joba?

12:30: First Buck pronounces Justin Duchscherer’s name wrong and then McCarver calls Kinsler Morneau…. ugh, Fox.

12:37: Sherrill comes in and says E-Z P-Z Lemon Squee-Z. Bottom of the 12th…

12:46: 13th inning… oh… my… jesus…

12:53: I say let Big Papi pitch.

12:55: If the AL doesn’t score right now… you don’t want to know what I’ll do. Nerves are a curse.

1:02: I truly feel sorry for D.U. He must be thinking his life sucks right now… then again, he’s a Major League ballplayer… he’ll live. Pete Abraham said this one: “Dan Uggla could be the first player DFA’d during an All-Star Game.” Funny.

1:06: 14th!!… If I don’t post within the next 5 mins I’m in a coma due to banging my head on the wall. I’m only 17, I can’t take this much stress!

1:11: Two deep fly balls. This game is amazing. Apparently the stadium would not settle for a run of the mill All-Star Game. Half the stadium is empty though. Those losers. I would’ve stood there if the game lasted 3 days. But, I guess those rich people who could afford a ticket would rather sleep. Time is money right?

1:17: Those who have stayed are getting their money’s worth. This game has been the equivalent of a season.

1:18: 15th inning!! I have nothing left to say.

1:23: Francona is tearing himself up on the inside. He said he will not let Kazmir pitch over a certain amount of pitches which essentially means that if the AL does not score in the bottom of the 15th… we may witness a forfeit… okay, now I’m tearing myself up on the inside.

1:26: Bottom of the 15th… all or nothing at all. *Drumming in the background*

1:33: I’ve never rooted for a Red Sox player in my life until right now. Drew, please, one more time.

1:37: Michael Young did it two years ago, and it’s Deja Vu all over again!!

Hell of an F-ing game!!
I’ll be back with a small wrap of the game [since I’m as tired as everyone else]. ASG ’08 will live forever in history. Yankee Stadium has done it again.



  1. smallball

    While Pap’s comments were not well thought out (to say the least) a couple of points :
    1. Who doesn’t want their closer to want to close the game
    2. The media went waaaaay overboard and out of context with some of the quotes
    3.There was no excuse for the treatment his pregnant wife recieved during the parade.

    Plus, I blame Tampa’s catcher for the run because of the error on Miggys steal….

  2. flairforthedramatic

    I completely agree with you SB. I indeed think his comments, though not smart, were blown out of proportion. I hadn’t heard how his wife was treated but New Yorkers are crazy, rude and will boo a player at any chance they get [especially one of the sox players]. New Yorkers are a mix of good and evil, you take it or leave it. Though their evilness receives a lot of heat, when their at their best, you can’t help but love them.

  3. smallball

    Mo had me worried there for a minute, was hoping that JD Drew would win it with a walk off aminute ago 🙂

  4. smallball

    Poor Dan Uggla, I used to watch the guy play AA ball locally, was always really nice to the fans……………….

  5. flairforthedramatic

    There’s a hell of a lot of nice guys in baseball nowadays… but not every one of them can do great all the time. Tough luck for Dan.
    And arrggh, this game is getting me nervous. Somebody win already! And, of course, my “somebody” I mean the AL.

  6. texasrangerschick

    Ugh, this game was flying by and now it’s just dragging right along. I wish someone would just win as well! Those thoughts of Mo throwing the last pitch in the last All-Star Game in Yankee Stadium are looonnggg gone by now. I was getting so excited when Mike Young got that hit. I thought that he might have his second MVP, but that guy was thrown out at the plate. 😦

    haha, I had a question. I probably sound really retarded, but how you get those blog links over on the side of your page, like where you have ‘MLBlogs Worth Mentioning’?
    ❤ hannah

  7. smallball

    I think the managers should pitch, in fact I would pay to watch Clint Hurdle do anything remotely more physical than walking to and from the mound……………….and look at that I’m a “Blog Worth Mentioning”, why thank you!

  8. flairforthedramatic

    there are no such thing as dumb questions on this blog and i added that. you can add sections known as “link lists”. i was meaning to add your blog there, thanx for the reminder. if you have any trouble adding your own sections let me know or you can ask on

  9. texasrangerschick

    Haha. Wow, that’s awesome. Thanks for adding me! When I figure out how to do it, I’ll be sure to add you on mine as well. This game is starting to make me angry as well. lol

    ❤ hannah

  10. texasrangerschick

    I love Michael Young. It is deja vu all over again! I agree with you. That was an incredible game. My dad is going to be mad he missed this one! haha.

    ❤ hannah

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