Since The Fans At The Stadium Won’t Do It, I Will: Thanks Francona.

francona.jpg          I’ll make this post short because I’m honestly tired of hearing about the rivalry these past few days. There has been much talk about the fans and their treatment of Red Sox members during the All-Star Game. They were obviously all booed [some more than others], but one that I feel should of got a standing ovation instead was Red Sox manager and manager for the American League in the All-Star Game, Terry Francona. With all eyes on this monster event in New York Francona couldn’t have handled the situation any better. Not only did he put Jeet and A-Rod in their normal lineup slots, but made sure they both got ovations, as well as trying his best to get Mariano to end it. Francona is a very respectable guy and anyone going to the next series with Boston in the Stadium [which I believe is during the end of August] should remember to give him a hand or start a chant of his name. It’s obvious at times that the New York fans take this rivalry all too seriously. They can be rude, vulgur, disrespectful and an utter disgrace, but can also be the greatest fans in the world. The simple fact of the matter is that the All-Star Game was not about the Red Sox or Yankees. It was about watching the greatest players of past and present take the field in a final sendoff to the stadium, which has been a sanctuary. So, thanks Francona for respecting the House, the players and New York. You deserve a hand.



  1. texasrangerschick

    Totally agree. Great post. Francona is such a classy guy. I loved how they were talking about how he didn’t want to put Kazmir in and then send him back to the Rays in bad shape, even though they are a DIVISON RIVAL! Haha. That truly is a testament to the great man that Terry Francona is. Class act.

    ❤ hannah

  2. smallball

    Wow, first rooting for JD Drew, and now this? I’ll have to send you a Sox hat and a “Jeter drinks wine coolers” shirt for Christmas. I totally agree as well, Tito ran the whole thing with class. I enjoyed the press confrence afterwards, where he commented on how excited he got with all the players on the top steps during the late innings, how they were “his guys for a little while”

  3. flairforthedramatic

    Francona is very classy indeed. He is aware of his responsibility and very respectful of other teams. I respect him.
    And LOL, I think I’ll pass on those two christmas gifts SB, but thx. The Yanks are still my boys. I have to say that I loved seeing all the players on the top steps during the late innings as well. It was great to see players of all different teams come together and seemingly bond as one ballclub for a day. I loved it. Plus, I thought it was great seeing Jeter stay in the dugout the entire game, which I believe none of the other players who got taken out early did. You could tell he really wanted to “drink in the moment”. All in all this All-Star Game was one for the ages.

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