Top 10 Perks Of Being An All-Star

          This was on Letterman during the All-Star Game, which CBS obviously didn’t think would last that long. The Top Ten Perks Of Being An All-Star Presented By Derek Jeter:

My favorites: #2 & #3.


  1. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Vanessa …

    Very Funny “Top-Ten List” … Yeah, # 2 was my favorite, also [The Red Sox need 19 more World Championships to catch-up to the Yankees] … Then: #4 [A Starbucks in the Dugout] … #9 [When Jeter goes to he supermarket, they don’t give him the deadly tomatoes] … and, # 3 [When Jeter steals second, he gets to decide if he was safe or out] … Vanessa, thanks for the comments on my blog. I wrote a response to your comments, so when you get a chance – check ’em out … Go Yankees !!! … Take care, Vanessa … Jimmy [27NYY] …

  2. thekfny28

    Ah… David Letterman. What a show. I’d stay up late on school nights to watch Letterman.

    -EJ/Kid From New York
    Check out my Yankees blog as I give an honest-yet-optimistic opinion on new Yankees news and stories, as well as my opinions on stories around the bigs. Indeed, I’m not your ordinary preteen.

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