Just… Great

          Whoever loves injuries is going to be pretty happy at this: it is being reported that Jorge Posada will be going back to the DL with continuing shoulder problems. There’s a possibility he’ll be out for the season if surgery is his best option… which it likely is considering he already tried to rehab and hasn’t been 100% since coming off the DL in June like he’s claimed. At least the Yanks have a more than capable backup at catcher. Jose Molina has been amazing filling in for Jorge behind the plate. However, Matsui has already been counted out for most, if not all, of the season, Damon has been out, [but will be returning soon] and Melky has been a disaster at the plate so far this season, so basically it’s like he hasn’t been in the lineup either. With another bat, a switching hitting bat at that, out of the lineup, I’ll dare to ask it… What else can go wrong? Seriously, the lineup has not been the same as that of Opening Day for more than two consecutive games.


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