Sir Sidney Looking To Keep ‘Em Coming

          The Yanks are off to a mighty fine start to the second half with three straight wins over Oakland. They start a three game series with Minnesota tonight before heading to Fenway to likely recieve a hell of a lot of boos.

Sir Sidney to face Nick Blackburn at the stadium. Hopefully he’ll get the Yanks another win tonight. Game Time: 7:05

Doing an in-gamer today so:

Updates To Come:

6:38: On the pre-game show they’re talking about Posada as if he has died. I understand how much he means to this team and I love him as much as the next Yankees fan but… wow. Considering all the injuries the Yanks have had this season [Matsui, Wang, Hughes, A-Rod, etc.] this isn’t the end of the world. Good news though: Damon is back. He’s been activated and is back to leading off tonight.

7:22: Abreu hits it up the middle, but doesn’t hit Blackburn this time. A-Rod then hits it out. I called that one in my head.

Just found this pic of the back of a beer vendor’s head at Yankee Stadium, taken during the All-Star Game [curtesy of]. Talk about pride. I wonder if he got a bonus for that.

all-star-hair.jpg7:36: Oh wow. Close play and Molina is arguing up a storm. Just some advice Jose: Do not argue with umps from now on because 1) they always win and 2) if you get thrown out, the only catcher we have left to send in is Moeller.

7:48: Who was worried about Molina’s bat? Anybody?

7:56: All the bats are showing up tonight. Jeet drives in one. Who loves merry go rounds?

8:02: 6 runs are a whole lotta fun. Blackburn gets yanked [no pun intended] after 1 and 2/3. Now this is what the offense should have been doing since Game 1.

8:12: Niiice 1-2-3 inning there by Ponson.

8:13: Cano just smacks it out to right. No one is hotter than RC right now.

8:27: Melky makes one hell of a play. The kid can play center field.

8:41: This game is only in the top of the 5th?

8:52: So far only Big G doesn’t have a hit tonight. The bats have finally awakened. Thank goodness for the All-Star break.

8:54: 2 hits for Molina tonight. I don’t think the Yanks have to worry about behind the plate.

9:12: Not a bad job by Ponson. 5.2 innings, 3 runs, leaves with the lead.

9:15: Jeet drives one out for his 6th homer of the year. Would love to see more of those in the second half.

9:22: Kay and Leiter talking about being too smart for baseball and overthinking. Kay’s words: “Paralysis by analysis”. Lol.

9:32: Cano with another hit and RBI. What a turnaround… the kid went from being the absolute worst, to the hottest bat in the lineup.

9:43: Now they’re praising Joe G for the way he’s handled the bullpen this season, and I have to agree. Girardi has made the bullpen as strong as it can be this year. Last year, not to knock on Torre but, it seemed as though the same guys were coming out of the pen again and again and were consquently overworked. This year, Girardi has spread the wealth and the bullpen has turned out to be one of the strongest parts of this team.

9:46: Another hit for Molina.

10:10: The Yanks not settling for 11 runs? Now you know they’re hot.

10:17: Game over. Yanks win 12-4. Great game for the offense. Those devils from Tampa won tonight so the Yanks did not gain any ground, but a solid win nonetheless. Hopefully Boston will lose.



  1. thekfny28

    Great game so far, mainly because we’re leading 9-3. We’ve seen great offense, good defense, good pitching, and the way our bullpen is going, it’s pretty much in the bag.

    As for Posada, I– wait, 10-3–I knew he was going to the DL, and I explain why in my new blog post. Check it out and feel free to leave comments, Vanessa.

    -EJ/Kid From New York

  2. tara, (:

    7:36: Oh wow. Close play and Molina is arguing up a storm. Just some advice Jose: Do not argue with umps from now on because 1) they always win and 2) if you get thrown out, the only catcher we have left to send in is Moeller.

    ^^ I just want to say, I read that & I laughed because that’s exactly what I was thinking. I was like ‘A-Rod hold him back!’ because I did not want Moeller to get in there. But he did anyway, seeing as he just pinch hit for Johnny Damon. I pretty surprised to see him in the line-up. But I don’t know, that’s just me, (:

  3. neal07

    Hey there. I saw some of your comments on The Squad, and decided to check out your blog. It’s pretty good. And here comes the plug for me: Feel free to check out my blog,

  4. flairforthedramatic

    EJ – Yes, this game was pretty much in the bag with the way our pen as been performing and it’s great to see this team finally putting together a good string of wins. And I’ll comment when I get the chance.
    Tara – Lol I know. First thing I thought was oh god… Jose don’t get thrown out. Girardi put it Moeller anyways because it was a blow out essentially and Damon just got off the DL, might as well give him some extra rest.
    New Mexican Yankees Fan – Thxx for the comment. I always love to check out new Yankee blogs.

  5. kozmo

    Vanessa, you should have given me a heads-up on your live blog. I would have dropped by. Big offensive display from the Yanks coupled with good work from Ponson. Robertson has been excellent with an ERA of 1.64. The kid must stay. BTW, how great was Abreu’s throw home to Molina on the out called safe in the second? Perfect. Cano is heating up big-time–10-19 after the break.

  6. smallball

    “Hopefully Boston will lose” Sorry to dissapoint, but we had three things going for us. 1) Jon Lester, 2) the middle relivers weren’t needed and 3) We were playing the Mariners. How could Boston not win? Only four days to go………………….

  7. redstatebluestate

    “Sir Sidney”? For real, that’s what you guys call him? When he was in St. Louis we called him “deadweight”. “Sir” is designated for men deserved of the highest form of respect — from the crown (or modern-day equivalent) no less!


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