Just Wondering… Who’d win?

          Everyone knows about the whole Joba / Youk situation and I said yesterday on Small Ball‘s blog that [although I highly doubt that they’d actually fight and though I don’t wish to see them fight… seriously] I’d bet money that Joba would win if things ever got physical. I’m wondering who you would pick to win in a fight in these theoretical match-ups?

                                              ph_501955.jpg                                       ph_425903.jpg

My Pick: Joba
You don’t throw 100 mph and not throw a mean right punch.

                                              ph_120074.jpg                                       ph_121347.jpg

My Pick: Ortiz
Sorry A-Rod, but Ortiz looks like he can bash some heads.

                                              ph_123660.jpg                                       ph_150035.jpg

My Pick: Nuke
V-Tek might have semi-won against A-rod [and Kyle may look a little goofy in his picture], but nobody beats Farnsworth.

                                              ph_121250.jpg                                       ph_449097.jpg        

My Pick: Mariano
Match-up speaks for itself.

                                              ph_120903.jpg                                       ph_134321.jpg

My Pick: Damn Manny
Who are we kidding… Pavano would probably trip on his way to fight Manny and break his pinky toe and have to be carried off the field.
                                              ph_115629.jpg                                      images.jpg

My Pick: O’Neill
No hard feelings here against Hawkins, but you saw what Pauly did to those water coolers.

This is all in good fun. In no way do I endorse fighting between players *cough*, so who has your pick?



  1. neal07

    Joba would beat Youkilis.
    It’s hard to see Papi getting really mad, but if he did, he could probably slam A-Rod.
    Farnsworth is too big to get beaten by Varitek.
    And Mo might be smaller than Papelbon, but Papelbon would probably try to fight dirty and Mo would take advantage of his weaknesses. Just my view on that matchup.
    Manny could push Pavano and he would sprain his ankle, strain two muscles, and break his hand and foot.
    Paulie would destroy Hawkins if he got mad at him.

  2. impaled

    Farnsworth and Sexson would take the whole Red Sox team at once. That’s if he could run fast enough to get from the bullpen. Luckily, they’re closer in Fenway. Rodriguez and Ortiz are very close, they hug each other every time the Sox and Yanks meet, I doubt they’d touch each other.
    The Squad [EJ] sent me the link to your blog. I’m willing to comment on your blog on a regular basis if you take a look at time. As I wrote on his blog, if someone comments on my entries, I’ll always comment around their blog. I don’t like writing and then having no one comment because you really aren’t sure if anyone is reading or not. Know what I mean? I’ll also add your blog to my ‘blog roll’ if you would add mine to your sidebar.

  3. thekfny28

    XD on that Pavano one. They’d have to carry him out of the hospital in a full cast just to get to Manny.
    Richie Sexson beats Youk in a heartbeat. He would probably step on him by accident and then look around trying to find him. The only guy who can take all of these guys down is CC Sabathia. The guy will run you over by walking in your direction.

    Pedroia beats Cano, only because Pedroia is too small and quick on his feet to be touched.

    A-Rod beats the snot out of Lowell.

    Jeter could poke Julio Lugo and fracture his bone.

    Jose Molina vs. Varitek? Interesting fight.

    Moose wouldn’t fight. He seems like a pacifist.

    Gardner versus Ellsbury? Hmm… interesting. I say Gardner wins.

    Damon vs. Crisp? 5 minutes into the fight nobody would be touched yet.

    Abreu vs. Drew? Drew seems poised to win, but remember; Abreu is Latino, and us Latinos(or even us Part-Chinese Part-Latinos) can go crazy if aggravated enough.

    Veras versus Okajima? There’s no way Okajima wins. Sure, he might implement Judo or Karate, but the Okey-Doke is too scrawny and Veras is, not only Latino, but Dominican. Yikes. No offense to my culture or anything, but when we’re upset… we get pretty close to Mexican.

    -EJ/Kid From New York


  4. neal07

    Some people forget how big Joba is. Farnsworth is 6’7″ and Sexson is 6’8″, and that’s who everyone talks about, but Joba is 6’5″ and he’s bigger mass-wise than Farnsworth and Sexson. And he does look cooler with high socks.

  5. flairforthedramatic

    Jeff – “Hawkins couldn’t beat himself in a fight.” LOL
    NMYF – Yeah it’s hard to picture Papi really getting mad. And yeah, Joba is a biiig guy. Sexson is just a monster and Farnsworth looks like he could kill a guy.
    Cody – Thxx for the comment. Nice to see new faces. Ah and it does seem as if Farns and Sexson can take on an army. I doubt any of these fights would take place but can you imagine if they would? And, of course I’ll take a look at yours. As I said on EJ’s blog, although I may not comment every post [b/c I read a lot of blogs and I would be on the computer my entire life if I did] I do try to read and comment as many as I can, especially those of fellow Yankee fans. Considering this is the first I am seeing of your blog I won’t it on my side just yet but keep posting and if it’s “worthy” I’ll no doubt put it there lol.
    EJ – Wow, you put some interesting match-ups there that I didn’t think of. As you said, I doubt Mussina would get into a fight… but I also doubt Jeter would ever get into a fight. He’s way too respectful. And ahh, I’m hispanic too [though I look white] I’m Puerto Rican. And, although it sounds somewhat stereotypical, hispanics do seem to be the ones who put up a good fight.

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