#2000 And The Result Is The Same As Most –> Yankees Win . . . Excuse Me While I Say HA!

capt.daf070bf994d48e5ac6a99b88d076cd5.yankees_red_sox_baseball_mack105.jpg          According to Michael Kay tonight’s game was the 2000th regular season game played between these two teams and the Yanks have won 1090 of them… scratch that… 1091. When the Yanks last faced Boston I posted a list of what a typical Boskees game is/includes. I’ll bring it back out and instead turn it into a checklist. Let’s see…
a) an extra inning game, or otherwise one of the longest 9 inning games in history —– it wasn’t that long tonight, but it felt like a drag at the beginning. this gets half a check.
b) a comeback [by either team] and/or multiple lead changes throughout the game —– what the F? no lead changes, no comeback? why? because the yanks scored first… HA … no check
c) one or more hit batters —– joba came mighty close to hitting youk but hit the bat. this still gets a check.
d) at least one ejection —– check. lowell got himself ejected within 2 seconds… congrats.
e) a late inning upset —– no upset for the yanks, but the faces of the Bosox fans at Fenway did not look happy when mo got save #25 [of 25] after striking out Drew… I’d say check.
f) fire/drama… enough said —– double check
g) occasionally something rare [record broken, weird play, etc.] —– Hmm… I can’t think of anything… does no Manny count?
          Okay, this game wasn’t 100% Red Sox / Yankees typical, but it was still great. Why? Here’s a new list:
a) the Yanks won… HA
b) Joba almost smacked Youk with the ball… HA
c) Bosox fans thought they could get to Mo, and didn’t… HA
d) The Sox got shutout… HA
and lastly e) in the 9th Ortiz did zilch… WAPPAH! [said George Lopez style]
          Alright, I’m done. I apologize for inconsiderate nature toward Sox fans… but c’mon, if they won this game they’d be doing the same thing.
          For some reason I don’t feel like recapping this game tonight and besides, if you didn’t watch the game you suckk [no offense of course]. Andy Pettitte vs. Wakefield tomorrow. Round 2…

Other Notes:
– My money is on A-Rod getting hit tomorrow, but it’ll probably happen when the bullpen takes over because getting hit by Wakefield is like getting a mosquito bite.
– I wiiiiish this was a National League game. I would of paid to see what would of happened if Joba got to first base.
– Yanks made one hell of a trade to get Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte today. Cashman shall now be known as the wise one.
– For anyone in love with Joba for his performance tonight, take a listen to his theme song: Joba Like It’s Hot.
– I almost forgot to mention that the Red Sox hitters struck out 12 times tonight. I’m sorry, but I have to say it… HA.
*The previous stated “ha”s shall not be confused with A-Rod’s trademark “Ha” in “The Ha Game” in Toronto last season.*



  1. 26andcounting

    yeah it was a great game! joba outpitching beckett – amazing to all yankee fans! 9 ks? unbelievable!

    I swear after A-Rod struckout once, I saw some fan(s) in the seats holding up pictures of someone (I’m guessing Madonna) as A-Rod was walking back to the dugout and I started laughing because it’s just soo fitting to see something like that at Fenway Park. You never see Yankee fans at the Stadium doing things to opposing players like the Fenway Faithful do to A-Rod.

  2. flairforthedramatic

    Yeah they were holding up Madonna pictures. The fans did the same thing to him in Toronto when the story first broke out.
    The Yanks would neeeeeeeeeevvvvverrrr embarrass a Red Sox player… okay, even I don’t believe that. They don’t do lowly things like hold up pictures of something that happened in someone’s personal life but they jumped on Papelbon and who can forget that infamous “Whose your daddy?” reign.

  3. kozmo

    Thanks for coming by the HDLR, V. You always add a good, informed perspective and lots of fire in the belly. Huge win, with Joba coming of age. I can’t believe that he wanted to dust Youkilis there, as if that was the only fastball he lost up and to that side–which happened several times tonight. Also, while the K call to Lowell was generous, it was no more generous than the K call that A-Rod struck out on looking to Delcarmen, so Sox fans complaining about that need to look at things with some nuance.

    I don’t doubt for a second that the Joba-Youkilis incident will have traction, starting tomorrow. Count on a Yankee or two getting beaned or buzzed. I just hope it doesn’t lead to fights.

    Huge trade the Yanks pulled off. Just huge.

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