Round 2: Pettitte vs. Wakefield

          This will be another in-gamer today so drop by if you want, even if you’re a Sox fan [I won’t hold it against you].

Pettitte will be facing Wakefield in less than an hour at Fenway and my prediction: Pettitte will kick some ***. Game Time: 3:55.

                                 ph_120485.jpg                  vs.                 ph_123801.jpg
Updates To Come:

3:02: Seems the deal for Nady and Marte wasn’t exactly as first reported. In the deal the Yanks gave up: Ohlendorf, Tabata, McClutchen & Karstens… In my mind, that’s still a great deal. I’ll cry if/when Cashman leaves.

3:17: Nady will be playing left field today. Gardner was optioned back to Scranton and Hawkins has been DFA’d.

3:18: Pete Abraham is suspecting a trade for Jarrod Washburn. *Drumroll in the background*

3:34: Manny is back in the lineup… someone kissed his boo boo?

3:52: Random question here, why in the world does Fox always start games at 55 minutes after the hour?

3:56: Fox chose Meacham to go through the lineup. I wish Duncan was back. Only he could introduce the lineup with some spunk.

4:00: Not so great start by the Yanks. Pettitte: Mow ’em down.

4:07: Red Sox score first… arghh.

4:09: I know the Red Sox have no rules against long hair / facial hair but wow. Is Manny that opposed to a hair cut?

4:17: Nady chose #29 and Marte #34.

4:20: Yanks aren’t doing a whole lot today. Seems the K is Melky’s best friend.

4:30: I’m going to strangle this ump. Pettitte is now sitting at 41 pitches.

4:36: Not the super start by Pettitte I was hoping for. Through 2 innings he has thrown 49 pitches. Can the Yanks put some runs on the board?

4:44: Thank you Bobby.

4:48: Yanks score only one. A little more distance and Big G would have put 3 more runs on the board.

4:59: Cano is on fiiiiiirree. HOMER.

5:06: JD drives another in. Yanks score two in the inning and take the lead.

5:15: Not a bad inning there by Pettitte. I know we have the lead but I’m greedy… more runs!

5:23: Here’s this from Rotoworld:
         Jarrod Washburn reportedly will want something extra in order to waive his no-trade clause to go to New York.

         According to the Seattle Times, Washburn has told agent Scott Boras
what he’d like as far as compensation goes for waiving his no-trade
clause if dealt to the Yankees. The agent will verbally discuss this
this with the two teams once an agreement in principle is reached.
After that, once all final offers are on the table, Boras will phone
Washburn and he’ll say yes or no. The Seattle Times believes a deal
could be close, though it seems to be more of a hunch than anything
else. Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner are among the possibilities to go
to Seattle.

5:29: Cano gets caught stealing… bummer.

5:40: Pettitte gets through five allowing just two today. It hasn’t been easy but Pettitte is holding it down.

5:45: Another run and Wakefield is gone… let’s get this party started.

5:50: And from Pete Abraham:

TRADE UPDATE, 5:41 p.m.: Jarrod Washburn might not
be a Yankee today, but it could happen as early as tomorrow. The
Yankees appear willing to absorb the $14 million he has left on his
deal in return for not sending Seattle any player of significance. No,
not Kei Igawa.

Washburn will either waive his no-trade right or get compensated by Seattle in some way.

It’s a lot of money, but Washburn would be an upgrade on Ponson or
Rasner. Having him around also would cushion the blow if Andy Pettitte
and/or Mike Mussina retires after this season or go elsewhere.

5:52: Jeet drives in another. Score now 5 – 2.

5:53: Excuse me, make that 6 – 2.

6:02: I’ll admit, that play to end the inning for the Sox was sweet, but the Yanks still leading, score: 7 – 2.

6:11: I didn’t think Andy would finish 6 innings but he proved me wrong. Nice K of Crisp to end his night.

6:27: The Sox are threatening and Marte is coming in to face Ortiz… welcome to the Yankees.

6:31: Marte gets Ortiz to strikeout. *Rounds of applause from Yankee Universe* Edwar coming in.

6:33: Inning over.

6:36: Another update from Rotoworld:’s Jon Heyman believes Jarrod Washburn could be traded to the Yankees within the next day or so.

Heyman believes the Yankees will take on Washburn’s entire salary and
give up just a single minor leaguer in return as a result. The Yankees,
though, won’t be willing to extend Washburn beyond 2009 in order to get
a trade done. For what it’s worth, the Yankees’ website is currently
listing Sunday’s starter as TBA after previously saying it was Sidney
Ponson. Sunday is Washburn’s day to pitch.

6:45: Damon gave everyone a scare there but seems to be fine. He’s not in the trainer’s room and has his boyish smile on his face.

6:48: Did I or did I not call it yesterday? A-Rod gets plunked.

6:54: Jeezus. How hot can Cano be? A-Rod seems to be hurting. Someone will get one thrown at their head tomorrow if A-Rod is seriously injured.

7:07: A-Rod is taken out to try and stop the swelling while Edwar continues to perform well.

7:21: Robertson on the mound for the 9th. Let’s end this.

7:25: Game over. And theeeee Yankeeees win! 8 straight and undefeated since the All-Star break… mmmm, tastes good.



  1. thekfny28

    The Yankees would probably make the trade because all they have to do is give up a B-level prospect and Kei Igawa. We should’ve given up Igawa a long time ago. I’m surprised anyone still wants him.

    -EJ/Kid From New York

  2. flairforthedramatic

    I knowwww. Igawa has been nothing but garbage. The Yanks almost thought they had fixed him when he started doing well in the minors way back when. Then they brought him back up and… wah laaa…. he still sucked, lol.

  3. flairforthedramatic

    I agree. What ever reason why a team would want Igawa is beyond me… but if the Yanks can get rid of him sweeet.

  4. thekfny28

    Pettitte and Molina should have a play where Pettitte throws a pitch kinda high and Molina reaches for it but conveniently completely misses it, if you know what I mean. Take my word; I said Jeter would contribute and he certainly has in this game. A great defensive play and a double. Life is good in prediction-land.

    -EJ/Kid From New York

  5. kozmo

    Hey V. I just got in from my daughter’s softball tournament, and she made it to the semi-finals before losing. She had a great couple games. I see the Yanks have to make a comeback.

  6. kozmo

    A-Rod cranked that off the monster sign, and it popped straight up, double for him but Abeu still at third for Giambi.

  7. flairforthedramatic

    hey J. i thought you’d be too busy to stop by. awh and tell GLG congrats for making it to the semis. it’s too bad she lost 😦
    the yanks are doing something with 2 outs…. i’m loving this new yankee team.

  8. thekfny28

    Giambi needs a day off. He’s not producing like he should. Red-hot Cano and the new guy, Nady are up next. Let’s not forget those are two great hitters. Nady is leading the AL in Batting average with this trade.

  9. kozmo

    Hey V. It was an early day–started at 8:15 a.m. with practice at the field, hot, humid day, but lots of fun and GLG had a great day–two hits, three walks, two RBIs, lots of outs in the field. Great day for her. I’m glad I got in when the Yanks’ offense showed up. I don’t think they’re done off Wakefield.

    I see Ramirez decided to play today after the MRIs showed he was faking. What a flake.

  10. levelboss

    4 LOB.. they’re getting the hits, just need to get them in

    i like the new picture, Vanessa.. you’re smiling and very pretty!

  11. flairforthedramatic

    damnn, pettitte has been having trouble every inning today. as long as he keeps the score here i won’t scream. the bullpen can take care of things today if pettitte can’t go deep [which is likely considering how high his pitch count is right now]

  12. thekfny28

    No, wait, Manny’s still injured. He’s not running. Oh wait, then he’s always injured.
    C’mon, Pettitte.

  13. kozmo

    I agree about Giambi, Kid. Sexson should play against the lefty Lester tomorrow night.

    Pettite is struggling a bit. Hopefully he can minimize the damage.

  14. flairforthedramatic

    yeah, i don’t know if that last dye job of his stache took away some of the luck EJ.
    heyy level. thxx for the compliment. i wasn’t going to smile but you asked for it lol.
    manny is such a bumm. i heard the sox would trade him if he waived his no trade clause but c’mon, not many teams would put up with him.

  15. kozmo

    “Manny hasn’t run hard in so long he doesn’t know that he isn’t running hard,” according to McCarver. What a load of nonsense, like Ramirez doesn’t know he isn’t running hard, and like McCarver can psychoanalyze him from the booth.

  16. levelboss

    whew.. two catches by Xavier.. hopefully Andy can pitch at least 6 full innings

    did anyone see the stats on the Yankee bullpen? i think it was that the Yankee bullpen has been keeping very low runs and has a high number of strikeouts

  17. thekfny28


    I wanted to know what you guys thought about the Casey Blake trade, and how he’s headed to the Dodgers.

  18. kozmo

    Too bad Gardner got sent down, but he wasn’t producing much, and Nady is a heck of a pick-up. That’s a very good trade the Yanks made.

  19. thekfny28

    I’d agree, Jason. That was an awesome trade, Karstens or no Karstens. So what do you guys think about Casey Blake heading to LA?

    Damon… welcome back, my friend! 3-2!

  20. kozmo

    Terrific two-out clutch hit by JD after Melky’s steal, which he needs to do more, 3-2 Yankees. More runs.

  21. thekfny28

    Mmmm… hard-hit by Jeter, but no luck. Let’s see if Pettitte can get it done, and then the bullpen should dominate as always. So who pitches the 7th? Farnsworth doesn’t pitch that well back-to-back days, and he’s not trustable anyway, so… Veras or Ramirez?

  22. kozmo

    Karstens could go, and fine with me. McCutchen was well-regarded but not a top-flight guy. The Yankees didn’t have to surrender their best prospects for two key guys who will fill obvious needs.

  23. flairforthedramatic

    I hadn’t heard about the casey blake trade EJ. i don’t really follow the trades made that don’t have to do with the yankees. who was in the trade?

  24. thekfny28

    Casey Blake, Indians 3rd baseman, goes to the Dodgers for AAA pitcher Jon Meloan and A catcher Forgot-His-Name goes to the Indians. The Indians also got Anthony Reyes from the Cards for a Minor-League Pitcher.

    Pettitte’s getting his calls and he’s settled down.

  25. flairforthedramatic

    mark grace was on the little pre-game on fox. how come they don’t have him guest commentate? mark grace is a cool dude.

  26. kozmo

    Consecutive K’s from Pettite, two down.

    Interesting trade by Cleveland. I wonder if they’ll hold a second-half Fire Sale–CC. Blake, who’s next?

  27. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Vanessa , and Jason…

    Well, I had a feeling Cano would hit a homer in yesterday’s game, but it’s great he hit it today !!! … “Don’t You Know, Robinson Cano” contnues with his hot hitting … With his two hits in this game, it should bring him close to a .270 batting average – on his way to .300 … Go Cano … Go Yankees !!! … Jimmy [27NYY] …

  28. levelboss

    81 pitches for Andy.. if he can make it through 6 full innings and hold it down, then i think the Yankee bullpen (including new acquisition Damaso Marte) hopefully can hold the line

    i have a feeling Marte’s gonna face Ortiz today

  29. flairforthedramatic

    if cano had gotten one more hit yesterday he would have a 7 game multi-hit streak…. amazing. i knew he would find his stroke but i didn’t think he would be thiiiis hot when he did.

  30. thekfny28

    Wassup Jimmy, I’m here too.

    Pettitte looks like the same Pettitte as usual; dominating. Anytime you get a redhot guy like Pedroia to bounce out that weakly, that’s a good thing.

    It’s great to hear a quiet Fenway Park crowd. If a pitch is remotely close, they start barking like it’s Don Denkinger part Duex. Jeez, shut up, Red Sox fans.

  31. levelboss

    “i knew [Robbie] would find his stroke but i didn’t think he would be thiiiis hot..”

    hopefully his buddy Melky can do the same

  32. thekfny28

    “i knew he would find his stroke but i didn’t think he would be thiiiis hot when he did.”

    I did. The guy has batting titles in his future. Plus, remember last year?

  33. kozmo

    That’s what I was thinking, EJ. How did Cano get thrown out on a high knuckle-ball and a high throw from Cash? Remarkable.

  34. flairforthedramatic

    and this is just my opinion but i don’t they’ll go for washburn if they have to give up melk or gardner. melk hasnt been hitting well of late but idk if cash would deal him.

  35. thekfny28

    Wow, what a cheap hit by Ortiz. A bouncer like that is normally a routine play by Cano, but not with that ridiculous shift.

  36. kozmo

    5-4-3 on the two slowest runners since Lazarus and Methuselah gets pettite out of the fifth, nice. Pettite is at 95 pitches.

  37. flairforthedramatic

    good DP to get out of the inning. pettitte has gotten threw five. does he start the 6th with 95 pitches?

  38. levelboss

    Andy’s at 95 pitches.. just one more solid inning, and the bullpen can take over
    i’d go with Dave Robertson and then Edwar.. and if necessary of course Mo

  39. thekfny28

    I would think so, Vanessa. He’s getting better as the game goes along, plus he’s a veteran and can handle high pitch counts. If you pair that up with how hot he’s been, I might put him in the seventh. Wakefield has no control.

  40. thekfny28

    Nice hit by Melky.

    Robertson and then Edwar, levelboss? We got Marte in that trade with the Buckos, remember?

  41. kozmo

    Yeah, Melky! Double high off the monster, second and thirdm no outs. Drive the ball.

    HBP, bases loaded, no outs.

  42. levelboss

    nice double.. a little higher and it would have been a 2-run jack

    come on Yankees! second and third with no outs

  43. flairforthedramatic

    i say they have him start the 6th but have someone warming. i would think we would see marte today, just because.

  44. thekfny28

    100 pitches is it for Wakefield. Nice job by the Bombers to score off of Wakefield. Looks like another Yankee victory right now.

    I’d take Girardi over Torre anyday.

  45. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, EJ … Levelboss … and, Cody …

    How are you all doing !!! … I hope the Yankees don’t trade Melky … Also, nice 5-4-3 Double Play that Manny hit into … It looked like he was running backwards !!!

  46. flairforthedramatic

    here’s this from abraham:
    TRADE UPDATE, 5:41 p.m.: Jarrod Washburn might not be a Yankee today, but it could happen as early as tomorrow. The Yankees appear willing to absorb the $14 million he has left on his deal in return for not sending Seattle any player of significance. No, not Kei Igawa

    Washburn will either waive his no-trade right or get compensated by Seattle in some way.

    It’s a lot of money, but Washburn would be an upgrade on Ponson or Rasner. Having him around also would cushion the blow if Andy Pettitte and/or Mike Mussina retires after this season or go elsewhere.

  47. thekfny28

    You got that right, Jimmy. Manny could never make the Phillies. Look at what Manuel does to his players, he takes them out when they don’t play hard. Manny would be in hell…

    NICE hit by Jeter! What’d I tell you, Jeter’s gonna have a big series.

  48. kozmo

    BA with a double off tge monster, 6-2, second and third for A-Rod. Kicking @$$ and taking names right now.

  49. levelboss

    a base-hit by A-Rod here would open up the game.. but then again, you can’t get enough runs against the Red Sox

  50. thekfny28

    Wow, an awkward DP. Joe Buck called it a great play, but that was just an awful play. It was a good grab, but Youk took forever to throw to third base and it was still an out. Youkilis hesitated a bazillion times. “Great play”, yeah right.

  51. jimmy27nyy

    Bobby Abreu … “Sweet As Candy” !!!!!! …

    Hey, now that the Yankees have traded for Nady, there has been some talk on some other blogs about the Yankees not re-signing Abreu, and then have Nady play right field next year … What do you all think ? … In my view, the Yankees should sign Abreu to a new three-year deal [2009-’10-’11] … His bat is such a great force in the middle of the lineup, hitting line drives all over the field !!!

  52. thekfny28

    Jimmy, it really depends on the performance of both guys, but I’d take Bobby over Nady. Bobby has much more speed and is a better defender, though I’d still keep Marte and Nady for next year. I don’t like the thought of having them for 2 months and then letting them go.

  53. flairforthedramatic

    i think they should keep abreu too. i love seeing his bat in the lineup and has a strong arm.

  54. kozmo

    Pettite settled into a heck of a start, working through six after laboring early. 110 pitches should finish it, strong six.

  55. thekfny28

    Alright, now you take Pettitte out. Nice quality start we got from him.
    Hmm… what moves do you guys think the Yanks should make, if any?

  56. levelboss

    whew.. nice job Andy.. holding the Red Sox to 3 runs in 6 innings at Fenway is solid.. bad throw from A-Rod, great stretch by Giambi

    i think Edwar is going in the 7th

  57. kozmo

    I like Abreu, but not at $16 million. If he’d be willing to work out an agreement for, say, $23 million for the next two years like Mussina did, definitely keep him.

  58. thekfny28

    That HBP looks like nothing right now, but.. I dunno, Mr. Lopez.

    C’mon, let’s see Marte! Gratz, Vanessa, on getting over 100 comments here.

  59. flairforthedramatic

    i’m not the most educated baseball fan in the world but it doesnt seem like the yanks need to make one. the only part of the team that looks like it needs a lift is the starting rotation, which could be solved inside the organization. i would like to see them give kennedy another shot. hughes has already started his rehab.

  60. flairforthedramatic

    gracias EJ.
    jason used to get like 200/300+ comment daily when he was still in mlblogs. now he’s at wordpress and still has us stopping by his great HDLRs 🙂

  61. thekfny28

    The Red Sox don’t seem like they have a shot. We’re going into the bullpen with a 4-run lead, and the way this bullpen’s pitched, plus Damaso Marte… yikes. So, guys, is this the best ‘pen in the bigs, or no?

    Here comes Veras.

  62. flairforthedramatic

    if the yanks hold on thiss would be 8 straight and they’d be undefeated after the all-star break. i predicted 9 straight and that possibility is looking good.

  63. kozmo

    Feel free to come by The Heartland, with the link on the right-hand column over at WordPress, It’s easy, you can establish a user name, I approve your comment, and we go from there. I do have an HDLR tomorrow night, for any interested.

    I hope you continue to do these, V. You do a great job hosting. I’ll come by when I can.

  64. jimmy27nyy

    Yeah, it’s going to come down to money, regarding the Yankees re-signing Abreu or not … I hope they re-sign him !!! … But, no matter what happens with Abreu, [I think?], Nady and Marte are both signed through 2010 … So, we will see what happens … as they: “Follow The Money” !!!

  65. thekfny28

    Marte is warming up in the bullpen. The guy is dominant, so… I’m excited to see him. Veras looks like himself right now, which is overpowering.

  66. kozmo

    Level! Sorry I missed your greeting earlier. I’ve been in between the game and chewing the fat with my daughter. How have things been?

  67. thekfny28

    Ooof, back to back hits. Veras keeps going away. Here comes Marte!

    If Marte and Nady are really signed through 2010, life in Yankeeland will be sweet for a long time, as always..

  68. flairforthedramatic

    thxx J. i didn’t know how many people would show up here today. i don’t know how often i’ll host these in-gamers but i guarantee your HDLRs come first 🙂
    marte gets ortiz to K… HAAA HAAAA

  69. flairforthedramatic

    marte is only going to be in for the lefties. the yanks finally have a left handed specialist.
    and jimmy, i feel sorry for the exclamation point key on your keyboard 🙂

  70. thekfny28

    Marte should be the 8th inning guy, not the LOOGY. Marte shuts down righties, too. He’s not just a guy who gets lefties out.

  71. thekfny28

    So we’re gonna get Washburn for a minor leaguer and take on his salary? Well, the Yankees are rich, so…

    Tim McCarver is freaking stupid. He didn’t pull a hamstring, he just hurt his foot. There’s no reason to be concerned. Jeez, I hate McCarver. He’s stupid.

  72. thekfny28

    If he had pulled his hamstring, he’d be holding onto it, and he’d be stretching it in the dugout. Plus, he’d be limping in a different way. This guy is a buffoon..

  73. flairforthedramatic

    i thought once wakefield was gone someone would be drilled.. hasn’t happened yet but a-rod is after abreu so hmm…

  74. kozmo

    I absolutely knew A-Rod would get hit, and V did too. No surprise at all, Nor are the cheers for it at Fenway.

  75. flairforthedramatic

    its funny how a-rod is “the guy” to hit now for revenge when not too long ago it was jeter. jeet has the most HBP of the yanks in history but i bet he’s glad things are changing.

  76. kozmo

    Cano is hitting everything, the two-out, two-RBI double makes it 10-3. A-Rod has a sore arm, and the teams have been warned. Expect more tomorrow night, if not beforehand. Nuke can’t afford another suspension, that’s for sure.

  77. thekfny28

    Red Sox fans making their way out… knowing this series is ours. “WAAAH! Those stupid Yankees! ;_;”

  78. jimmy27nyy

    Yeah, Vanessa …

    I’m going to have to trade for a back-up exclamation point, soon … Maybe I’ll call the Pirates … It seems I can get a good deal from them … ???

  79. thekfny28

    Hahah, Jimmy. The big trades seem to have already been made. Who do you guys think Texeira goes to?

  80. thekfny28

    Edwar using a better fastball then last year, along with a new, good slider, to go with that devastating changeup. That last pitch to walk Lowrie looked good.

  81. thekfny28

    I second that, V. It’s probably longer for Red Sox fans, too, if they’re still watching. The offense has come alive once again, so it’s just another great day in Yankeeland.

  82. flairforthedramatic

    i was thinking about the old days of the hdlrs on mlblogs. i’m still wondering, what happened to luckyleftie?

  83. jimmy27nyy

    Just a Thought …

    I think Sidney Ponson is going to pitch a great game tomorrow night … He will go 7 innings, leading the Yankees to the three-game sweep of the Red Sox – unless the Yankees make the trade for Jarrod Washburn, who is scheduled to start tomorrow, and that start may be for the Yankees, against Boston [as just reported by FOX] ***

  84. kozmo

    You know, V, I e-mailed him a while ago and never heard back from him–not sure why. I remember last fall he was close to wild fires in SoCal, but I don’t think he was harmed by them as far as I knew then.

  85. flairforthedramatic

    hmmm… lets see what happens with the whole washburn situation. either way i’m feeling good for the crazy stein.

  86. kozmo

    I’m not that keen on the possibility of a Washburn deal. He’s not horrible, but not worth that kind of money. He’s dramatically tailed off the last couple years. Color me unimpressed.

  87. thekfny28

    Alright! Great game, we win once again! Victory tastes so sweet, doesn’t it, Boston? Oh wait.. xP

  88. kozmo

    Game Over! 10-3 win. Big win, good work from Pettite after a shaky start, offensive explosion, and the Yankees are tied in the loss column with Boston. Huge run, eight straight. Marte was nasty and the bullpen again held the door shut. Love it.

    Thanks for hosting, V. Good to meet you EJ, good to see you Jimmy, and good to see you again, level!

  89. jimmy27nyy

    Vanessa …

    Great fun today on your Blog … See you at Jason’s HDLR tomorrow night !!! …

    Take care, Jason – see you tomorrow at the Heartland “HDLR” …

    Also, Take care …

    EJ … Levelboss … and, Cody !!! …

    Big win for the Yankees … Check out the post game show on YES … We Get The Sweep Tomorrow Night !!! … and, “to all a good night” … Jimmy [27NYY] …

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