Because 7. . . Scratch That –> Jon Ate 9

capt.8738d318a30f4053968fcc132c2eee11.yankees_red_sox_baseball_bxf102.jpg          So the new Yankee killer has done it again. I thought the Yanks could pull off the sweep tonight, despite facing Loser Lester on the mound for the Sox… I was wrong. I told Steve T. of “The Boston Red Sox Blog” in the HDLR on Friday that I would congratulate Lester if the Yanks didn’t win it tonight so I have to say it: Congrats Jonathan Tyler Lester… you helped the Yanks make fools of themselves and flushed the Yanks’ chance at 9 straight down the toilet. Seriously… how you manage to get 10 hits and score only two runs [which were scored on a dribbler that didn’t go foul and a walk with the bases loaded] is beyond me. The Pre-All-Star-Game Yanks made a reappearance tonight… and it did not look pretty. If that team is making a comeback I’ll be uber pissed. The winning streak was a hell of a lot of fun while it lasted though. This game, however, was not. The difference in the game was 7 runs… which just so happened to be the number of runners the Yanks stranded tonight… way to go.
         Usually these Boskees games are exciting, despite what team wins at the end, but this one was just… blah, so I’ll sum up the game quick and easy: The Yanks got smacked. Cano didn’t even get a hit! That’s how bad it was. The 8 game winning streak will have to rest at 8 and the Yanks will have to try to start another one tomorrow. It’s back to the Bronx for a three game series against Baltimore at the stadium. Mighty Moose will be on the mound for the first game to start the series off right. I smell win #14 in the air and #20 for the season in the vicinity.

Other Notes:
– The birthday boy managed to pick himself up two hits tonight… as well as fly out and line out when runners were in scoring position. Glass half full or empty?
– Peace Ponson, it was nice knowing you. Even if the Washburn deal doesn’t happen, Ian Kennedy’s strong performance in his last start in the minors screamed: “Bring me back.” I’m not opposed to giving Ian another shot.
– After the game Sid said this: “
I actually felt pretty good but feeling good doesn’t mean anything. … I pitched like crap.” At least he knew it.
– I saw an A-Rod sign go up behind home plate with the man in the batter’s box. That is one verrrrryyyy brave fan… who will likely be leaving Fenway tonight with a couple of bruises that weren’t there before he got there.
– I swear I will throw a fit the next time I hear “Manny being Manny”. Try Manny Being Moronic. The only reason he can get away with half the things he pulls is because a) his bat and b) it’s Boston.



  1. smallball

    Yes, it seems I can always depend on Jon Lester to stop the skid, the way Beckett did last year. At least the Rays lost though, right? And I too, am tired of Manny. I’ll take his bat any day, but the “crazy”? Not so much. I don’t think he gets traded, better protection for a healthy Ortiz, but no way that option gets picke d up.

  2. neal07

    If I were GM, I would NOT take Manny just because of the breathtaking stupidity of his actions. Remember last year in the playoffs, when he got thrown out at home because he was fiddling with his helmet? That kind of sh!t isn’t baseball.

  3. steve_t

    Hey Vanessa, thanks for “owning up.” You know I did call this, complete with a strong performance from Lester and the end of the Sidney Ponson Experience. But here’s the thing: The Yankees invaded Fenway and made a statement this weekend. No need to sweep to send the message that this team can win the division as easily as Boston or (ugh) Tampa Bay. It’s going to be a great race to the playoffs.


  4. flairforthedramatic

    SB – yeah. i doubt the sox would deal him away in the next couple of days, especially when they’re in the heat of the race. my guess is that they would pick up his option and then deal him so they can get something in return. who knows.
    NMYF – manny seems to be living in his own world. i hope that the yanks do not even consider the possibility of him being on the yanks next year or ever.
    Steve T. – yep, you called it. I thought the Yanks, with how hot they’ve been, would be able to trump Lester anyway, but it was not so. i agree, though the Yanks didn’t get the sweep, it’s clear they are still in the race this season and this series gave boston and tampa a big “watch out”. this year’s race will be crazy now that it’s more than just the sox and the yanks eyeing the East. i’m interested in seeing how it all ends up.

  5. 26andcounting

    It’s disappointing that the Yankees couldn’t get the sweep, but at least they won the series!!

    It’s kind of ironic how terribly Ponson pitched compared to Jarrod Washburn’s eight strong innings vs Toronto. Washburn could of started for the Yankees last night!!!!!

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