Wow. . . Anger Issues

          Did anyone else see this? This vid is of a minor league brawl, in which one guy makes an attempt at firing a ball at someone in the dugout, but instead, misses and hits a fan, who had to be hospitalized. Regardless of who he was aiming at… the guy is a pitcher and missed a throw into the dugout? How does he hit the glove?

          17 were ejected in that game [including each manager]. I like watching an occasional fight in a game as much as the next fan but that went overboard times 2. I have two words: anger management.


  1. neal07

    Wow… they go a little bit insane there, don’t they? They’re all trying to make the bigs, and every win makes ’em look better.

  2. redstatebluestate

    Yes, unfortunately, this story has been plastered everywhere in Chicago since the Peoria Cubs (managed by Ryne Sandberg actually) are the team at fault here — or rather, the pitcher for the Peoria Cubs is at fault here. Still, this fight gets zero points for creativity and my favorite of all time is still Izzy Alcantara:


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