Deflation Pt. 2

There’s nothing like two back to back blowouts to put the brakes on a team.

flat tire 2.jpg

What a monster embarrassment of a game is all there is to say.
Raz on the mound tomorrow night to face Daniel Cabrera. Let’s not let another one of these happen again, m’kay?

Other Notes:
– X-Man finally notched his first hit as a Yankee tonight, putting the Yanks on the board with a solo shot to left center in the 7th. That is how you wear the pinstripes.
– Ramirez… still unhittable.
– JD: Thank you for showing up tonight.


  1. smallball

    Well at least as I was watching the Sox lose to the Angels for like the 37th time this season, I was able to watch that Baltimore score go up and up across the bottom of my screen. And Tampa Bay lost too. Its gonna be a long August and September

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