Attempt At Another In-Gamer – Pettitte vs. Garland 7:05

          The Yanks will go toe to toe against the Angels tonight in the beginning of a four game set in the Bronx. Andy Pettitte will be on the mound to start the series off for the Yanks. Jon Garland will go for the Angels. I’ll be attempting another in-gamer tonight before I head out for the weekend, though I don’t know if it’ll work out b/c apparently MLBlogs is having server issues [though I just commented on someone’s blog with no problems so we’ll see…] Either way, I’ll be giving updates, and if people are able to comment then fire away. Any and every one is welcome.

Game Time: 7:05

                                      ph_120485.jpg                                                    ph_279782.jpg
Updates To Come:

5:16: Manny actually gets traded. Manny will now be a member of the Dodgers… how weird does that sound. I wonder if he’d dare to pull any of the antics with Joe Torre as his manager now. Hmm…

5:24: The lineup has changed a lot during the season this year, but it has never looked like this:
     Damon DH
     Jeter SS
Abreu RF
A. Rodriguez 3B
Giambi 1B
Cano 2B
Nady LF
I. Rodriguez C
     Cabrera CF

This has been one hell of a trade season.

6:47: Edwar Ramirez was served with a 3 game suspension for the throw way over Millar’s head yesterday. He’s already filed for an appeal. Daniel Cabrera also got suspended for 6 games for hitting A-Rod on Tuesday. It’s just me but, I don’t think either of those pitches were intentional, though the Cabrera one was a little iffy. Either way, it was not that serious. The suspensions are uncalled for.

7:10: Pudge is wearing #12. The guy looks good in a Yankee uniform.

7:15: According to Kay, Victor Zambrano has been signed to a minor league contract with the Yanks.

7:18: Pettitte and Ivan seemed to be having a little trouble, but Andy works out of the inning throwing 24 pitches.

7:34: Anderson gets picked off at second. Not a smart move on his part.

7:40: Andy gets out of another pressing inning. Pitch count: 43. I hope he and Ivan can get on the same page tonight.

7:43: Paul O’Neill should broadcast more often. Love him.

7:49: The Yanks are hitless through two. It’s too soon to tell but it’s almost like clockwork that the Yanks show little offense following a blowout… hope that’s not the same case tonight.

8:00: Damn it. I hate the Angels. Score 3 – 0.

8:04: &@%#! 6 – 0. I don’t think it’s too early to call game over right about now.

8:11: Pudge goes down swinging in his first at bat as a Yankee. The crowd cheered when he was announced, then booed faintly when he struck out… kind of hilarious.

8:26: Pettitte is not having the kind of outing I hoped for. He’s at 83 pitches threw four and the Yanks are down by 6.

8:33: Bobby does it again. Homer! His tag team buddy A-Rod, follows him with a double drilled into left center.

8:46: Yanks only able to score one. Let’s see if Pettitte can hold it here.

8:49: And Andy works a 1-2-3. Let’s see if we can get some more offense.

8:58: A triple by Melky and a base hit by JD to drive him in. 6 – 2.

9:01: The Yanks only get one run again, but I’ll take it.

9:12: Andy gets pulled after going 6.1 allowing 9 runs… not a good night.

9:20: Okay… now it’s game over. Damn. Imagine what Pudge is thinking: I come to New York just to get bombed my first game? Score: 10 – 2.

9:30: And Cano can’t stop a ball from going past him for his life right now.

9:46: August starts tomorrow. When are we getting that instant replay that we were promised? These umpires are unbelievable. You’ve got to be kidding me. A 4 year old would’ve got that call right. It’s still a blowout, but the Yanks were showing a lot of life. That just killed it.

9:57: I hate the Angels. I hate the Angels. I hate the Angels.

10:20: Yank attempting a rally again. What is happening?

10:25: Game officially over. That’s 3+ hours of my life I won’t get back.



  1. smallball

    Yep, Torre gets Manny now, Larry Bowa is there too. Seems the Dodgers collect ex Yankees/Sox. Maybe now the Sox can concentrate on playing baseball. And you got Pudge, I’ve always liked him, now I can’t for at least two months!!!! And for Farnsworth too……….

  2. flairforthedramatic

    haha. i never thought pudge would be a yankee… but, anything can happen i guess. farns was torn up about the move. i feel sorry for him. although i hated him when he used to give up those leads time and time again, he started improving and grew on me a bit.
    i’m seriously interested to see how manny acts with his new team.

  3. thekfny28

    Hey, V! Andy’s control looks shaky, but Ivan looks good in a Yankee uniform… let’s see some offense.

    -EJ/Kid From New York

  4. flairforthedramatic

    hey EJ. i have a feeling andy will do well tonight though.
    the only thing i’m not so sure about is if the yanks will be able to bring back that offense from last night. it feels like it’s been a consistent pattern that the yanks win a blowout, and then score little or no runs the next night.

  5. flairforthedramatic

    no, J won’t be able to join. he’s has a friend from out of town that he’s hosting.

  6. flairforthedramatic

    yes, i heard. for jhonny nunez. idk what to think of that move yet. the yanks traded away their backup shortstop.
    what do you think?

  7. thekfny28

    I don’t know what to think of it. I think minor league moves are minor league moves and should be calculated in the future. I do like Gonzalez, he was scrappy and he had great hands, but Jhonny Nunez is a good young prospect. I don’t know his stuff, but he sounds promising.

  8. thekfny28

    It’s definite; Giambi’s lost it. His magic eyes aren’t magic right now, and when Giambi isn’t patient, he’s really slumping.

  9. flairforthedramatic

    i know. G should really shave the stache already. i know his wife doesn’t like it and it’s not bringing him a whole lot of luck lately.

  10. thekfny28

    I think it’s Marte. He gets lefties and righties out, his stuff is nasty, he was closer for Pittsburgh… it makes sense to put Marte in the 8th.

  11. flairforthedramatic

    i thought it would be marte too, but then again. the yanks had brought him specifically to be a left handed specialist, despite being able to get lefties and righties out, so i’m not sure if they’ll switch his role.

  12. flairforthedramatic

    ouch. i guess my prediction is squat. andy is not doing it tonight.
    i wonder if it has anything to do with the new face behind the plate.
    he had a nice groove with molina.

  13. flairforthedramatic

    i feel the same.
    argh, i miiight’ve picked the wrong game to host.
    plz, offense, show up tonight!!

  14. thekfny28

    Neither are we, watching him.

    So who comes in? I’d assume Giese… Andy can’t pitch for much longer. He’s completely off.

  15. flairforthedramatic

    yeah pettitte will probably get one more inning. he might start another, but i doubt it. giese is the long man so he’s the best bet.

  16. flairforthedramatic

    no kidding. i hate hate hate the angels.
    it’s quiet in this in-gamer. if you get bored EJ, let me know. i won’t hold it against you.

  17. thekfny28

    Still here, especially after Bobby and Alex’s at-bat. Let’s see Cano come through. He’s slumped as of late..

  18. flairforthedramatic

    i know. vlad is scary. the guy is not human, which is why i don’t like seeing him at the plate against the yanks.

  19. flairforthedramatic

    great job by pettitte that inning. ivan will be coming up in this inning again. let’s see if his second at bat is different.

  20. thekfny28

    Let’s see some offense. Let’s see some runs driven in, some walks, some hits… let’s see a rally! When this inning ends, let’s have at least another run on the board.

  21. thekfny28

    Ah, c’mon Ivan! What’re you doing? …. bad way to start off your career with a team. A strikeout and a DP. Hoi.

  22. flairforthedramatic

    woahh melky went for three… and made it.
    vlad looked semi annoyed that hunter didn’t let him throw it.

  23. flairforthedramatic

    i’m just wondering. does pudge smile? he has that scary face that seems like it doesn’t move lol.

  24. mlbmark

    Hey, Vanessa. Looks like comments have been making it through OK, yes? Basically once we removed links to Trade Talk blog from all the official team sites the server load practically disappeared. That was amazing…but should not have choked the server. Some changes are being made to prevent that one again. OK, just checking to see how comments are doing. I don’t want to get on Baby Paul’s bad side, he’s just starting!


  25. flairforthedramatic

    damn, i wish i believed the yank could actually come back, but the last time the offense provided a miracle like that was last season i believe.

  26. flairforthedramatic

    ah, nady had a pretty swing there, but it’s only a solo shot.
    ivan beats that out for his first hit. nice hustle.

  27. thekfny28

    Worst call I’ve ever seen, easy. How do you screw that up? That was awful. Terrible. Suspend that ump. Suspend him for such a bad call. Make him cry to his momma. He was clearly safe. No doubt. I want to find that umpire and strangle him. That’s not professional. You call that professional umpiring? That was little league umpiring. Seriously, a 3-year-old would’ve called him safe. Awful call. The guy is blind as a bat. Blind as hell. Never seen worse. It’s hard to be worse than that. That’s like somebody taking a pitch and saying he swung. Awful umpire. Retire, you stupid old hag. You’re an embarressment to the umpiring committee. I hope he cries himself to sleep, and has nightmares about his fellow umpires laughing at him. Jocko Conlan spits on that piece of garbage, that piece of trash. I don’t believe that. Unbelievable. That’s epic fail. That’s total nonsense, trash. Garbage. Belongs in la papelera, the wastebasket.

    Thank you very much. I hope they suspend him.

  28. flairforthedramatic

    the umps have been terrrrrrrible this season. someone should investigate. they’re probably betting on games.
    i HATE the angels.
    eeevvverrrryyy time the yanks play them the suddenly lose their ability to play baseball. it never fails.

  29. thekfny28

    I am flabbergasted at such a bad call, but really, the Yankees have been awful today. Awful pitching, bad hitting, bad umpiring. It’s unbelievable. I hate it. Hate hate hat. I wanna curse so bad…

    I’m not blogging today. Not a chance. There’s no way to describe such an awful, disgusting game.

  30. flairforthedramatic

    disgusting is right. horrendous.
    i think i’ll just put a picture up… what could portray this loss? a car crash maybe.

  31. flairforthedramatic

    lol, it is.
    thx a lot for sticking it out here with me in this loss. i usually lose my head whe the yanks get spanked like this.

  32. thekfny28

    No prob, in fact, I feel the same, V. Just breathe in… breathe out… don’t go hyena Vanessa on us.

  33. flairforthedramatic

    yeah, they had the bases load. score now 12 – 6 with one on and two out.
    these are just pride runs.

  34. flairforthedramatic

    Now it’s game over. Thanks again for staying here EJ. Hopefully tomorrow’s game will be a different story.

  35. redstatebluestate

    Jesucristo! Ya’ll blew up the comment section. No wonder I couldn’t comment earlier. Yeah, I’d say the Yanks “dropped the ball” in this game. Halos are a serious threat. Wow. Finally, they’re putting it all together. Best record in baseball. Watch out…

  36. flairforthedramatic

    LOL. The last in-gamer more people stopped by and we drove it up to 192 comments, but I started this post after everything was fixed so don’t blame me! lolz.
    The Halos are an aggravating team to play against. I can see why they’re the best team in baseball.

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