Old School vs. New School

It seems like more and more of the Yankee players are switching to the retro highsocks look.
Which do you think looks better, high / low?

           arod highsocks2-1.jpg               arod lowsocks2-1.jpg

High / Low?

           damon highsocks-1.jpg               damon lowsocks-1.jpg

High / Low?

       joba highsocks-1.jpg               joba lowsocks-1.jpg

High / Low?

     moose highsocks-1.jpg               moose lowsocks-1.jpg

High / Low?

I think the retro look looks better, though maybe not on some players. A-Rod is definitely the best at rockin it.

P.S. I’ll be hosting an in-gamer tonight for the start of the Ranger-Yankee Series. I’m also thinking of hosting one a week, possibly on Wednesdays [except I’ll skip this Wednesday, considering I’m already going to host tonight’s.] It’ll be the new Hump Day Treat. Be sure to check out the original in-game man –> Jason over at Heartland Pinstripes.


  1. neal07

    a-rod definitely sets the standard for high socks. damon…well, maybe not. Joba definitely looks cooler. Moose could go either way. He just looks awesome in a Yankee uniform. I’d like to see Manny, with his huge, baggy uniforms, in high socks. Check out my latest post, it has a photo of Robby in the high socks he wore yesterday. He looks awesome… and I think Andy P. should wear them more often, he definitely rocks that look.

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