Worst… Loss… Everrrr

Proof Below:
texas walkoff.jpgTie game in the bottom of the 9th and
a walk-off grand slam to win it for the Rangers… enough said. To say
this loss was horrible is an understatement.

Side Notes:
– Seriously, when the F is that instant replay coming?
– I know Marte is the veteran and what not, but the walk…  2 walks3 walks wasn’t a hint to pull him out? Nady ties it, but Marte hands the win to the Rangers on a silver platter [Pittsburgh laughing].
Oh and Joba left the game tonight with right shoulder stiffness… with the Yanks’ luck who knows how serious it is.
– Big G knows the trick to pick up some luck. Grow a ‘stache, get a few hits out of it, then shave it. Simple and it works. I like it.
– Case of Good News / Bad News: The Yanks avoid going another game back in the standings as both the Rays and the Red Sox lost… but they lose another chance to gain ground on both of them.
– Thanks to everyone that stopped by in the in-gamer tonight, especially to Jason, who stuck it out for the whole 9.

Big Note: From Pete Abraham:
Joba Chamberlain will fly back to New York tomorrow for an MRI and other tests on his right shoulder.
The injury appears more muscular in nature and does not involve the labrum or rotator cuff. “It doesn’t hurt in the wrong places,” Chamberlain said. “My velocity was fine.”
Joe Girardi said that at the very least, Chamberlain would miss his next start. The last time he said that about a starter was Chein-Ming Wang.”

Hmmm… Ian Kennedy might be finally getting his second shot.



  1. seanserritella

    Ian Kennedy will probably start soon. It is good news that Boston and Tampa lost but time will start to run out and we have to start winning games. I’m a little disappointed in Marte. He gave up a big hit not too long ago as well.

  2. ltmikethunders

    Giambino did a hell of a job and Abreu did his thing, but the rest of the lineup didn’t do their thing. sad, sad day for the yanks

  3. neal07

    What I’d like to know is when we find out if the Yanks are going to be playoff contenders or not. Because we’re kind of the equivalent of a “Four-A” player right now, somewhere in between contending and dropping out of it.

  4. redstatebluestate

    How much did ya’ll pay for Marte again? Just giving you a hard time. I, personally, would not like instant replay in the game except for possible disputed homerun calls. I’ve already endured realignment, expansion and the strike of ’94. If instant replay gets thrown in there I might throw myself under a bus.

  5. flairforthedramatic

    Sean – I agree. The Yanks definitely need to start putting a good streak of wins together because Tampa and Boston aren’t going to back down or let them have it.
    Lt. Mike – Damon and Nady also pitched in as well.
    NMYF – I want to know that too. The Yanks have been in the middle for a while. The problem is their inconsistency. One minute their the hottest team in baseball, the next minute their fighting to stay in the race.
    Jeff – Haha. Marte has been a bust so far but Nady is tearing it up so the deal seems half good/ half bad right now. I did nooot want instant replay until this season. There have been sooo many blown calls this season it’s ridiculous. One thing I’m going to have to disagree with you [and everybody else] is the use of it only for home run calls. I mean, seriously, how often in a home run disputed? And, the home run isn’t the only big play in baseball. If it was the bottom of the 9th of game 7 in the WS or any game for that matter and the bases were loaded with a 3-2 count on a guy and the next pitch is borderline, with most people thinking its a strike and it’s called ball to force in the winning run, would you not want instant replay to be used there?
    V – F4Td

  6. Nate

    The Yankees have a knack of signing somewhat-decent-to-thoroughly-mediocre middle relievers and destroying them. I’m thinking of Farnsworth specifically, but I have a feeling Marte will be the next one discreetly dumped in a river somewhere.

    Nady always killed the Cubs. I think he’s a good pickup, and I’m really glad he’s out of the NL.

    As for replay, I’ve always thought having a sort of petition system might be interesting. Managers get one challenge a game – if they use that and then want to challenge another call, they would have to get three of the four umps to agree with their request to challenge the call. I would think (maybe naively) that this would promote more rationality when a manager charges out of the dugout wanting to bite somebody’s head off, and help out in the accountability department within various umpire crews.

  7. flairforthedramatic

    That’s a pretty good preposition Cubtastic. I wouldn’t be opposed to that “petition system”. I think that could work. I just wish they would do something already. This has been the absolute worse year for umpires. They’ve been blowing calls left and right, and I don’t know if it’s happening as much in other games as well, but I know it’s been biting the Yanks in the ***.
    V – F4Td

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