Nice Try, But That’s All She Wrote

I’m not usually the one to wave the white flag when comes to the Yanks but lately I’m finding it easier and easier to say this:
thatsall-1.jpgThe Yanks are now 6.5 behind in the AL East and 3.5 in the Wild Card. Though 3.5 is not insurmountable, there are 3 other teams all vying for that spot. It’d be a different story if the Yanks were actually putting up a fight, but aside from that 8 game winning streak following the All-Star break, the Yanks have not proven themselves at all this season.
If there is some sign that the Yanks will make the postseason this year let me know, because all I see is this:
1) The Yanks do not have a competent 5th starter [or 4th for that matter]
2) We have no knowledge of the severity of Joba’s injury
3) The Stopper, Perfect Pettitte, can’t seem to do his job lately
4) The Bullpen has been eehk since Farns was booted and Bruney made his return
and 5) Pav-ow-no is becoming a starter option… yikes
I repeat: If there is any sign or reason why this team will or should make the playoffs let me know.

Side Notes:
– Nice grand slam retaliation tonight by Sexson… too bad it came after someone gave up a 3 run scoring double to my boy Crush Davis. Hmm… how could that have been prevented?
– As much as it pains me to imagine Betemit at shortstop or just in the game for even one inning, Jeet seriously needs to sit a night. The guy has been as cold as dry ice… no wait, what’s colder than dry ice? I’ll tell you what is… Jeter. [Line from Blades of Glory if you didn’t know… uber funny movie.]
– I don’t know what the stats are because I don’t care, but I’m sure if you look it up you’ll find out that the number of runs the bullpen has given up has spiked since the trade of Farnsworth. I know everyone was happy Pudge would be coming to New York and thought that the bullpen would survive without him but this odd phrase has been ringing in my ear and it might be relevant: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
– Someone just psychoanalyzed me and guess what: I’m a sore loser… the fits of rage, the repeated punching of pillows and the tossing of random things at the tv that’s been through hell… it’s all making sense now.


  1. seanserritella

    I’ll tell ya, you write very well. I wish I could write like you in my blog. Anyway, I already put up the white flag. The Yankees are looking towards 2009 and I think that Yankee management knew that there would be growing pains. Hank loves prospects and he’s willing to wait to see their performances come to fruition in time. I’m happy that Veras threw at Hamilton because I’m getting tired of pitchers throwing at A-Rod all the time.

  2. redstatebluestate

    I thought of ya’ll Yankee bloggers when Farnsworthless gave up that dinger to Ramirez last night at Comiskey. I was there until the 13th.. then I left and the Tigers regained the lead only to squander it to Swisher in the 14th. I felt like such a loser missing that big moment. Moral of the story: Don’t leave until it’s over… even if you DO have to work early the next morning.

  3. flairforthedramatic

    Sean – Thx for the love. I have never truly given up on this team in my life, but I can’t see anything that makes me believe their going to make it this year. Though they have a loaded lineup, they do not perform as well as they should and to top it off, things aren’t getting any better. It looks like Joba is going to go the DL and that might be the final blow.
    Jeff – I never want to leave to the game early, which is why I never go a game with my dad anymore. The guy wants to leave as soon as the Yanks are down, while I, on the other hand, stay till the last out, even when it’s a blowout. I think it’s because I just can’t spend enough time in that stadium. Or, it could just be a “get my money’s worth” type of thing. Either way I don’t leave until I hear Sinatra.

  4. ltmikethunders

    Until the game ain’t over [or ’till my pops makes me go to sleep], I don’t quit. But lately, it’s embarrassing to go to my dad’s bodega and be insulted by the anti-Yankees [meaning everyone who works there] and argue about whether Bosux fans or Yankee fans are the sore losers and stay quiet until their team wins [which by the way, the Bosotnians have the worst accent AND talk crap until their wack-*** “nation” loses]. This is starting to get like the Mets [My Entire Team Sucks],”Yankees will do it next year.” Sheesh. PS: Awesome blog post.

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