Announcement: Semi Moving

          I barely even watched this game so I won’t attempt a recap tonight, but thank jeezus the Yanks won. If the Yanks had fallen another game tonight they might as well have pulled out the shovels and started digging their own grave.
          On to the point of this post: I’ve decided to semi-move this blog on over wordpress. I say semi because I will likely be doing a “mirror site” type of thing, making breifer [dictionary check?] posts here and linking you guys to the full post at my new site. Well, that’s the plan. I’ll see where things go.
          So, for anyone that cares, here’s the link to the new site:

Let me know what you guys think of the move. I would hate to lose readers along the way. I’ll still be commenting posts on the blogs here, because I’ve apparently become a bloghead. I would like to say that french word for goodbye here, but I don’t know how to spell it so, you know what I mean.

P.S. Sir Sidney with solid outing, plus the win? I know Jeff is shocked.



  1. smallball

    I’ll be still be reading, wherever you go, disapointed to see you about t0 wave the white flag though (But giggling inside) Check out my post tonight. I got to meet some living legends at a AA ballgame last night. Five honest to God “I played with Willie Mays and Satchel Paige” Negro Leaugers! Very cool.

  2. seanserritella

    Good luck with your move. I love your writing and if I was a rich blogger, I’d try to hire you. lol.

  3. thekfny28

    Aww, you’re moving? And never coming back? jk

    I’ll still be reading and leaving my comments, never leaving you alone (jk again), despite the fact that I think mlblogs owns wordpress every day and twice on Sundays, but it’s your choice, I respect it.

  4. flairforthedramatic

    Thanks for the continued patronage guys.
    And although the traffic at MLBlogs can not be beat, WordPress is a hell of a lot easier to use and has better design themes and customizeablity [not a word but i don’t care 🙂 ]
    V – F4Td

  5. redstatebluestate

    Unbelievably Shocking! Moving & Sir Sidney (*burp*) with a solid outing? What is going on this world? Nah, just kidding. Cool. I’ll mark the change but I see this new chat thing you got here and it looks pretty cool. Might have to try it out. Anything special I have to do or just type in the box?

  6. flairforthedramatic

    Just put your name, type in the box and send. I have to approve them [which takes less than a second] but if your comments don’t come up it’s probably b/c I’m not at the computer. 🙂

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