So Pittsburgh Wasn’t Stupid After All – [Joba Update]

Xavier Nady + Damaso Marte

Jose Tabata + Dan McCutchen + Ross Ohlendorf + Jeff Karstens
Sounded like a pretty ingenious trade for the Yanks and a downright giveaway for the Pirates, am I right? [rhetorical question]

Well take a look at what two of these guys in the trade just did:

Jeff  Karstens – The guy just went 9 innings surrendering just 2 hits my friends, and had a perfect game going into the 8th. Oh and by the way, he also had two hits, facing Randy Johnson I might add. Since joining the Pirates Karstens has made two starts, earning a win in both. 15 innings, 7 hits, 0 runs.

Damaso Marte – The guy gave up a walkoff grand slam on Monday night to lose the game for the Yanks. Since joining the Yankees Marte has pitched 4.2 innings, allowing 6 earned runs and 4 walks while still somehow managing to strike out 8.

The trade still looks good for the Yanks with Nady tearing it up… but Pittsburgh isn’t looking so retarded now huh?

Side Notes:
– Abraham is reporting that Joba has been placed on the 15-day DL [also reported by the Daily News and NY Post] while Chris Britton has been called up. Still no word on what the Doc has said but I have a feeling we won’t be seeing Joba anymore. Ian Kennedy will be starting on Friday in place of Joba, while Dan Giese starts on Saturday.
– OMFG, Tampa won again today, despite being down 7 – 4 in the bottom of the ninth. They hit two blasts to score 6 runs in the last inning to win the game. What is with this team? When did they become the Yankees?

Here’s The Updated Story On Joba:
This from Brian Cashman: Chamberlain has what is being described as
rotator cuff tendinitis. He will be rested for “about a week” and then
start a throwing program after being evaluated again.

He will return to New York.

Just for your own reference: “tendinitis” is a nice way to say he has a little tear in his rotator cuff.

Joe Girardi said before the game he was optimistic Joba would play
again this season. But a rotator cuff issue is nothing to mess around
with. Don’t expect to see Chamberlain any time soon this season, if at
all.– Pete Abraham



  1. levelboss

    bad bad bad.. this is a critical time for the Yankees.. while still only 3.5 from the Wild Card, they’ve got to hold the line now.. the whole season could depend on the next two weeks

  2. David Blattman

    Although Damaso Marte has been pretty shaky for the Yanks so far, I still think he was a great pick up. The Yankees needed a key reliever in their bullpen, especially a lefty. And the X-Man is playing real well. He struggled a little bit in the first couple of games with the Bombers, but now he has found a rhythm and is playing really well. I wonder what this means for Bobby Abreu’s future with the Yankees?

    Check out my blog – “The Hot Corner” –

  3. seanserritella

    I can’t believe how good Kartsens did today. He did so good that I picked him up on all of my fantasy teams. It looked as though the Yankees won the trade hands down but after reading what you typed, I’m not so sure.

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