Mighty Moose Shuts Down Ranger Offense For 15th

moose5-1.jpg          What does it take to shut down an offense that can light up scoreboard? Hint: A man pushing 40. Answer: Yep, Mike Mussina. The Moose, who pitched 7 shutout
innings tonight to earn his 15th win of the season, is making a run for
possibly his first Cy Young award this year. With a crumbling rotation,
an offense that does what is wants, when it wants and two teams ahead
of the Yanks in the standings, Mike Mussina is single-handedly keeping
this team in contention.
          Despite facing a team with an offense that has
become the new “bombers” in a must win game [as all games are these
days] Bullwinkle was not fazed and kept them scoreless
through 7, where the bullpen took over and continued the trend. Bruney
took care of a batter, Marte finished up the 8th and Mariano notched
save #28 in the 9th.

As for the offense… it was pretty
much what it has been all year: somewhat there, but unable to get big
hits with runners in scoring position. Jeet started things off with a solo shot
to put the Yanks on the board in the first. The Capt’n clearly broke
out of his slump tonight [about time] with 3 hits tonight and 2 RBIs.
Despite scoring…

Read the rest at: http://f4td.wordpress.com.
P.S. Thanks to everyone that showed up at the in-gamer. It was a good one.
I’ll let you guys know ahead of time before the next one.



  1. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Vanessa …

    Great game by the Yankees last night, especially, another brilliant effort by Mike Mussina … Win number 15 for Moose, as he continues on his path to his first 20-win season … Mussina and Mariano Rivera are the Yankees MVP’s this year … How about the Cy Young Award for Mike Mussina; and, the MVP Award for Mariano Rivera ??? … Vanessa, thanks for hosting the “in-gamer” last night. It was fun !!! … and, Good Luck at Word Press !!! … I’ll be sure to visit on a regular basis … Take care … Jimmy [27NYY] …


  2. neal07

    Hey V: I hope you don’t start neglecting this blog because you’re getting a snazzier site, because I won’t always have time to do the name, URL, title deal if that’s what it takes to comment on your new one.

  3. seanserritella

    newmexican, just save the site to your favorites. I feel that the reason why Mussina is pitching well this year is because he’s on an even playing field with the rest of the league because the rest of the league stopped taking steroids.

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