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Just pitiful…

angels cap-1.jpg

I don’t own an Angels cap, but if I did it’d be in flames right now.

I HATE HATE HATE the Angels.

Side Notes:

– Fox
really outdid themselves today. They were coming dangerously close to
being worse than ESPN. Seriously, what commentator says “And they
execute the run and hit” & “I know that sounds wishy-washy but…”?

– If Boston wins tonight… it’s pretty much all over.

– Almost forgot to mention… Thank you Giese for doing your job. Teach Kennedy a thing or two will ya?

Edit: I’m tired of seeing players relaxed or saying “That’s part of the game” after a big loss…
You’re human. If you’re mad, get mad. If you’re not mad after that,
then you don’t care. If you don’t care, don’t play.

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One comment

  1. seanserritella

    The Angels are really good and the amazing thing is that Giese held them to 1 run. This is the best team in baseball we are talking about. The bullpen just fell apart. It was pitiful.

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