Yankees Suck. . . Surprise Surprise

Another loss…


The Yanks do know that they have to win to make the playoffs not embarrass themselves, right?

Oh, I forgot, they get paid no matter what… I guess I wouldn’t care either.

Still watching them sink…

Side Notes:

– I
can’t believe I’m saying this but… forget the f-ing homer. Watching a
home run from the Yanks isn’t even exciting anymore because they never
hit one with runners on. The pop ups are getting on my last nerve. What
is it… a simple single isn’t prestigious enough for you? Well guess
what: neither is a pop up or a loss. The only guy I expect to swing for
the fences every time is Big G because seriously, how many singles is
he going to get?

– The
word on Giese is “stiff shoulder”… I can’t put my finger on it but
where have I heard that before? The amount of injuries hitting the
Yankees is getting ridiculous. The baseball Gods are serious haters.

– I’m
thinking about another in-game live chat for Friday. Tell me if you
guys are up for it. The Yanks will be playing the Royals so I expect a
win. Then again…

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  1. seanserritella

    The Yankees look like they have thrown in the towel. Raised the white flag so I could see them losing to the Royals. It will be Girardi’s job to get them up for the rest of these games and let them know that there is a pennant race, well, wild card race.

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