A Walk-Off Win? *Gasp* Hell Just Froze Over

It took them 5 hours and 13 innings to get it but finally, a win.


It’s kind of sad that it took that long for the Yanks to beat the Royals,
but a win, however they get it, is a miracle for this team. It’s almost
funny that [with the 3 errors by KC] the only run the Yanks “earned”
today was the winning one. Like I said though, a win is a win.

Side Notes:

Say hello to your starting center fielder for the next 39 games. After
the send down of Melky Cabrera, Brett Gardner, with 3 hits in today’s
game, is getting his shot and taking it. That’s his second walk-off hit
this season.

– With another quality outing, Sidney Ponson [wait, I got that right the first time] Sidney Ponson is now officially a legitimate starter… who’d a thunk it?

– I think it’s time to sing a line from my favorite song: Wilson, Wilson, go away. Don’t come back another day ever.

– Now 6.5 back [until the completion of the game in Boston] in the Wild Card, the Yanks need to win… say 30 more times?

Original post here.

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