Gearing Up For The Fight

It’s that time again…

gear shift-1.jpg

Time to shift into drive, step on the gas peddle and run over somebody… preferably the Red Sox.

the Yanks have any hopes of making the postseason or ya know, not
completely making a fool of themselves… now would be the time to step
it up and kick some ***. Given the consistent inconsistency from this
team all season, no one knows what will happen this next series with the Wild Card leaders, but everyone
knows that the Yanks should be going for the sweep. 2 of 3 is not good enough when
you’re 5 games back and the clock is moving double speed. It’s getting
late early.

Side Notes:

I missed some of it but did Pav actually pitch this season, not have to hear the word surgery and get a win? The end of the world must be near.

It’s heeeere: Instant Replay. I’m glad to announce that people listen
to me. Instant replay will be introduced on Thursday [on Friday for the Yanks, as it can only be introduced at the start of a series] to get boundary
calls right [aka home run balls]. However, here’s the twist: The crew
chief will determine if replay is needed on a play, the umps will
review the video and the final call will be left 
soley up to the crew
cheif… or in other words: the umps gets their calls questioned [which I
assume would not make them feel peachy] and then still get to make the
call. It may be just me but that kind of sounds like what we have now.
On top of that, if any manager argues after that call is made it’s instant E-Jection. Seriously, when did umps become the Gods of baseball? Can they get any more power?

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  1. thekfny28

    First of all, Kennedy isn’t our only choice instead of Rasner. Phil Coke and Jason Jones come to mind.

    Second of all, I watched a few Yankees Classics and I’m PUMPED UP.

    Third of all, keep up with the blogging!

  2. flairforthedramatic

    There is no way two guys that have never pitched in the Majors before are going to be starting for the Yanks this season. The Yanks won’t trust them.
    I’m pumped up as well. Time to get the ball rolling.
    – V

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