The Music Is Only Getting Louder

And I think it’s time to face it.

stab heart-2.jpg

This team is garbage and they know it.

Side Notes:

– I was going to get on the crowd for booing A-Rod after only his second at-bat today, considering he did drive in a run in the first… but that was until he screwed everything up again.
I know the New York crowd gets a bad name for booing their own players,
but if you had paid to be at that game today, there’s no way on Earth
you wouldn’t have wanted to unleash a loud and long good ole Bronx Cheer. If
you’re one of those people that say “you should always support your
players, no matter what”… I semi-understand, but if you’re a New
Yorker and a die-hard Yankee fan, you get my argument. You pay
for a ticket, you have the right to boo, same as you have the right to
cheer. If you’re a player and don’t wanna hear the taunts… either buy
some earplugs or perform well. Simple.

– The worst thing though, even worse than the loss, is what was up on before the game:


The fact that a two-game winning streak is noteworthy and even used in juction with the word “surge” for this team is just sad.

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  1. Jane Heller

    LOL about the use of the word “surge” for the two-game winning streak. The booing is an interesting subject. I get that people pay for their ticket and, of course, they have the right to boo. I also get that there was plenty to boo today. What I’ve never understood is what point does it serve? To tell a player who already knows he stinks that he stinks? To vent? I remember being at the ALDS games at the Stadium last year. In Game 4, after Cleveland got off to an early lead, everyone around me was booing the Yankees. All the Yankees. Even Mo after he came into the game. Sure, the Yanks were about to get bounced in the first round of the playoffs, but they had the greatest comeback in baseball just by being there. So why boo? I guess people were expressing their disappointment, but for some reason it hurts. Call me a complete wimp but I’d rather reserve my venom for the Red Sox, Angels and other teams I despise.

  2. flairforthedramatic

    You have a point. It’s serves no purpose to the player, but it’s a way for the fans to vent. Plus, sometimes it’s fun [to tell the truth].
    I get what you’re saying about the ALDS, but once it hits October, whatever the team has done in the season doesn’t matter. It’s WS ring or bust, and although it’s nearly impossible to win it all every year, anything less than that trophy isn’t going to satisfy. Yankee fans have definitely been spoiled and maybe it’s too much to ask for them to be the best every year, but there’s nothing wrong with settling for nothing less.
    V – F4Td

  3. hihater

    I agree about the booing of the fans, okay ur right we have a right and its our choice to cheer or boo. But its not all arods fault…If you ever check out some Baseball Prospectus-type philosophy, those guys will tell you that clutch hitting DOESN’T EXIST. Think about it- if A-Rod hit in every clutch situation on top of the way he’s already hitting, he’d be at .360 or .370, which is other worldy. Clutch hitting is ALL LUCK and ALL PERCEPTION. Even Jeter and Ortiz, reputed clutch guys, don’t have great numbers in supposed “clutch” situations. For A-Rod, a .308 hitter, the hits are definitely coming, but they just happen not to be coming at the times that we consier “clutch” times. As a cleanup hitter, he keeps falling into these situations, and the public judges him solely by these situations where he fails. With a .308 average, A-Rod is FAILINGto get a hit about 7 of every 10 at-bats, or 70% of at-bats. Lately, late game situations where the Yanks need a run happen to fall in that 70%. Frustrating, I know. but it’s not that something’s gone awry with A-Rod, it’s just the cruelness of the game.

  4. flairforthedramatic

    I’ll admit that the blame shouldn’t all fall on A-Rod… it’s just easier to blame him. One way or another, the game seems to rest on his shoulders and this year it’s seems 90% of the time he’s failed when given the chance to win the game, or continue a comeback. I think everyone knows the problem. It’s obvious to the naked eye. He’s trying way too hard. He thinks he can do what he did last year, but he can’t. He wants the fans to like him so he aims for the homer, and winds up failing miserably. Although A-Rod should not take all the blame considering you just can’t succeed every time, you’ve got to admit that he’s failing wayyyy more times than he should. The Yanks had a real chance to comeback in the 9th, but he ended that with one swing. He has grounded into 11 DPs in this month alone.
    V – F4Td

  5. hihater

    True he has had lots of chances this year, and failed. I just cant seem to be like others though and cheer for him only when he is on a hot streak. And this game should of never of even come to this situation considering it was because of a dramatic error from Cano. But i get what your saying and agree somewhat.

  6. Jane Heller

    Well, V, today was no better than yesterday. Not that I really thought we’d beat Halladay but it’s always something. Today the “something” was Pettitte not making his pitches and Nady not catching that ball in left and our “offense” consisting of a couple of solo shots. Sigh.

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