Yeah, That Just Happened

Yes, the Yanks just defied reason… they won.


Biggest jaw dropper of the game: the opposing team scored 9 runs and the Yanks scored more… again, defying reason.

Too bad the win means… absolutely nothing.

If they win more than 3 in a row I’ll be remotely excited… and of course by “remotedly excited” I mean I won’t change the channel mid-game or possibly  not count down the number of games left till the Yanks are mathematically eliminated.

Side Notes:

– Guess who drove in the most runs of the game today. None other than Mr. Double Play. The rally killer decided to drive in 4 runs in today’s game… atta boy.

– According to Abraham
[not Lincoln], Joba will be back by tomorrow, but will be limited to
pitching in relief for the rest of the season. Yeah, it’s possibly a
little too late to build up him arm again, but he could give a solid 3 inning start… as opposed to a trashy 3 inning start like, I don’t know… Ponson?

– Up next: Tampa, Seattle and LA… much to look forward to no?



  1. Jane Heller

    Vanessa, you know you enjoyed that win. Admit it! Of course Ponson was an embarrassment. We expected reality to catch up with him eventually. And as for our offense, it looked like Verlander was so bad that all the Yankees had to do was stick out their bats. But still. I’d rather win than not any day, even if it doesn’t count. I want them to go down fighting.

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