Of All Times To Start Winning

Of course the Yanks choose to start winning when it benefits the Red Sox.

treadmill cartoon-1.jpg

If the Yanks somehow
keep pulling off the magic act, pulling wins out of their hat, for
the rest of the season, it’ll be quite a work out trying to play catch up.

the Yanks are putting up a string of wins, they still can’t gain ground
in the Wild Card for their lives because the Red Sox have them on a
treadmill, not getting anywhere no matter how fast they run.

Side Notes:

It’s only fitting that the first use of instant replay in baseball
should be used to judge a homer by the man that will hit the most all
time. In the last 4 games A-Rod has gone 10-16, with 2 home runs and 11 RBI’s. I think he got the message.

Right now, don’t know what to think of Pav’s outing. Only gave up 3
runs, but only went 4+ and had trouble, allowing 6 hits and 2 walks.
The Yanks got the win so, as you would expect, I don’t care.

Anyone else feel like Mo has disappeared? I know we didn’t need him
today, seems barely at all lately, but now it’s 5 days rest. He almost
has to be used tomorrow to make sure the arm doesn’t get rusty.

– Check out the left on base total for this game: 7. I can’t think of how many times the Yanks have left on less than 10 in back to back games, but I know it doesn’t happen often with this team.

Raz on the mound tomorrow. He seems to randomly give up a number of
runs between 1 and 5. He hasn’t given up the same number of runs in
back to back starts in the last 10 games. He gave up 4 in his last
start so I hope the number will be on the other side of that scale.

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One comment

  1. Jane Heller

    Here’s what I think about Pavano’s outing: not much. It pissed me off that he showed his displeasure when Damon didn’t make that catch in the first inning. Like he hasn’t let the team down 7000 times?

    I figured Mo would come into tonight’s game, but nooo. Guess he’ll be in tomorrow night for sure since he needs the work.

    Speaking of tomorrow night, why must the Yankees always have to play night games on getaway days? They have to fly across the country to start the series against the Mariners on Friday. Not fair!


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