Anything Is Possible With The Yankees

…Including [but not limited to] being nearly no-hit by a kid making his first Major League start.

paper bag head-1.jpg

But, look on the bright side, it’s not like we got 2-hit by the worst team in the league…

Side Notes:

I can’t believe I’m about to utter these words but: thank you Betemit.
Had it not been for your pinch hit RBI double, the Yanks might’ve got
no hit… and sadly, that’s probably not the worst thing that has
happened to the Yanks this season.

– I bow down to the return of vintage Pettitte. 7 innings, 3 runs… that’s more like it.

The countdown to when Girardi realizes his closer is growing old in the
bullpen has begun. Mariano has not pitched since the 29th. I wasn’t
aware closers get one week vacations.

– It’s
now official: With the Yanks, the 9th inning doesn’t exist. The word
rally has been removed from Yankee lore and 2 outs has become capital
punishment… might as well be a needle in the arm… or the electric
chair, whatever

P.S. In case it isn’t obvious: Season over. Now 8.5 back.

Original post here.


  1. Jane Heller

    V – About Betemit. I was sitting there watching the game with my husband last night when Wilson came up to pinch hit. I started yelling, “What’s Girardi thinking? All Betemit does is strike out?” My husband said, “You watch. He’s gonna break up the no-hitter. It’s always someone who hardly plays that does it.” And sure enough, Betemit got on. I’ve decided my husband is psychic. I told him he should charge for readings. LOL.

  2. flairforthedramatic

    I’ve become furious at the thought of Betemit as a pinch hitter this season, but I have to give the guy credit. He broke up the no-hitter in a game that still dug the Yanks’ grave. He gets my congratulations.
    V – F4Td

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