One For The Stress

To relieve the recent, and not so recent, headaches and heartburn, the real Yanks decided to make an appearance tonight.


Which makes it tough to make fun of them today.

Side Notes:

I don’t know what was with Ponson putting up a solid performance early,
but he corrected it by giving up a 3 run homer in the 6th. Seriously
though, he was actually hitting the glove… more than once.

I remember from the Paul O’Neill Yankeeography that Sterling said
something like “When a warrior is wounded is when you better watch
out”… which is what the Mariners should’ve done. Wasn’t there
something wrong with Bobby’s wrist? I bet in the post-game interviews
after the game he’ll be like, “Wrist bothering me? Nahhhh.”

It’s not too often that baserunning makes its presence known in a game
but it was responsible for some of the runs the Yanks scored in this win tonight. Jeet did his part, scoring from first in the 7th, with his
always great instincts, in no need of a 3rd base coach, to just get in
there. JD also stole two bags in that inning.

– Sometimes I feel sorry for the ball when Big G comes to the plate. One way or another it’s going to get smacked.

The Yanks gain back the game they lost yesterday and will turn to the
Moose in the final game of this series in Seattle. One of the few
reasons Yankee fans have to keep watching the games is to see Moose get
that 20 he’s been searching for. Mussina more than desearves that 20
win season.

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One comment

  1. Jane Heller

    Actually after the game Kim Jones asked Abreu about his wrist. He flashed that great grin and said something like, “Yeah, it hurts, but I’ve gotta help my team and do whatever it takes.” So cute, that Bobby, especially when he’s hitting well!

    Go Moose!

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