It Has Come To This. . .

The game isn’t even over yet as I write this…

casket mart-1.jpg

I wish there was a strong enough word to describe the horrible failure that is the Yankees of ’08.

Side Notes:

– At least something made me pay attention to the game for more than 5 seconds tonight… I can’t believe Hunter threw a fit over a little nudge from Pudge, but nonetheless, I’m thankful for that. There is nothing more entertaining than watching a catcher take off the mask, ready to make things turn ugly. I kind of felt sorry for Dan Giese though. Hunter steals two bags on him, while Dan is ferociously concentrating on trying to get out of the inning, and then is forced to step in and be the one to hold Torii back.

– A random note here: They really need to start a stat that keeps track of how many times a batter beats out a ground ball DP because I guarantee Abreu would lead in that category hands down. You can take that as glass half full or empty depending on the way you look at it. You can say he hits a lot of potential DP balls with a runner on first [almost always Jeter] or you can say he hustles every time. I’ll take the positive because not many players hustle as often as they should these days and I’m surprised that Bobby even cares anymore to beat out double plays when he’s on a team that has been as trashy as this.

– Since the Yanks will likely keep losing there is no point in saying this but I will anyway… If the Yanks are counting on a catastrophic downfall by the teams ahead of them, similar to that of the downfall of the Mets last year, they should not count on the Red Sox. The beanheads from Boston are not going down and are, in fact, surging ahead. I say the only chance the Yanks have is if the Rays crumble. The Red Sox are a game from being the AL East leaders, while the Rays have lost 6 in their last 7 games. Then again, the Yanks would still have to actually win games to pull off an upset, so forget that I ever said this.

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  1. flairforthedramatic

    Ha, I felt the same way. The fact that a “brawl” involving only a push really, is the only exciting thing in a Yankee game shows how bad things are. This season is a complete waste.
    V – F4Td

  2. 26andcounting

    1) Where was Farnsworth? Oh wait, he was the guy the Yanks traded for Pudge . . . oops!
    2) I can’t wait until next season!!

  3. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Vanessa …

    Yeah, I have always noticed, and been very impressed, that Bobby Abreu always hustles, and runs hard to first on all groundballs … That’s why I think it’s very important that the Yankees re-sign Abreu to a new three-year deal. He’s hitting .300, is going to get over 100 RBI’s, and is well liked by everybody on the team … He’s a great all-around player to have on the Yankees, and it would be very short-sighted to not re-sign him [just because of the money he may be asking for] … Abreu has earned another three years as a very valuable member of the 2009, ’10, and ’11, Yankee teams … It just would not make any sense to let Bobby Abreu walk away from the Yankees … Take care, Vanessa … Jimmy [27NYY] …

  4. flairforthedramatic

    26&C- Lol, yeah, kinda ironic that one.
    Jimmy – I’m impressed with Bobby’s effort as well. I would love to see him back with the Yanks next season. That 110% amount of effort you see him give day in and day out is indispensable.
    V – F4Td

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