Nothing But [Hits]tory

Though the games
don’t really have any playoff implications for the Yanks these days,
[one look at the ugly standings will tell you that] this one still
surprisingly managed to be worth watching.


The reason why? History.

Jeter picked up a bunt single, double and home run to tie Lou Gehrig in dramatic fashion on the all time hits list in Yankee Stadium.

Pavano officially became the most injury prone player in all of sports… of all time.

came in for one out, which he got via the strikeout, to notch his 35th save
this season and number 478 of his career to tie him for 2nd on the all time saves

And to top it off, I believe this is the first time this entire season that the Yanks scored over 5, while leaving merely 2 runners on base. [Yes, just 2, as in the number on Jeter’s back.]

Side Notes:

– It’s just hilarious now. Pav, announce your retirement. No team in their right mind would pick you up.

Some very nice plays by Gardner today. He has the speed, impeccable
defense and can get down the bunt. If his bat can start producing those
hits, I can see him as a starting center fielder, but I shouldn’t get
ahead of myself. We all thought that highly of Melk before his downfall.

– Lastly, somewhat another piece of history to mention: A-Rod hits a grand slam and is not the story of the game.

P.S. Kay said Jeter has a flair for the dramatic. He reads this blog 😉

Edit: Apparently, Pavano is “not
too concerned”. However, even if this turns out to be nothing, you
gotta laugh at how many times the word injury is used in the same
sentence as Pavano’s name. Call Guiness. He must hold the record.

Original post here.



  1. levelboss

    “Pavano leaves game with left hip injury”

    “Pavano walked off the field.. to a chorus of boos from the Yankee Stadium crowd..”


    here’s my question.. after Pavano’s contract is up (which should be in a couple of weeks), does he still get the benefits of the Yankees rehab facility? i imagine he can afford his own health care.. he got about 40 million from this deal


  2. jboogie

    I heard Kay say that and immediately thought of your blog. Jeter is arguably the greatest Yankee ever. I can’t help to admire how he goes about his buisness. Regardless of where the team is in the standings, there he is giving it 110%. If only Cano would follow suit.


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