Semi In-Gamer, Jackson vs. Pavano 1:05

          Since I’m putting this up at some very short notice I don’t expect many to stop by today, but I’m in the mood to rant during the game so I’ll still start this in-gamer anyways and anyone watching the game [fan of any team] is welcome to comment along.

Game Time: 1:05

                                    ph_429719.jpg                                                     pavano.jpg

12:56: According to Pete Abraham, it’s official. Hughes will be taking the start on Wednesday against Chicago. Looking forward to finally seeing the kid back in action.

1:08: “Pavano” and “commodity” were both used in the same sentence just now… never thought I’d lived to see the day when that happened.

1:15: Pavano out of the inning, throwing 16 pitches. Prediction: Jeet will pick himself up another hit here and Bobby will ground into a force out for the millionth time of the season.

1:19: DJ baseball. Nice bunt basehit by the Capt’n. Cross out that prediction, didn’t realize Abreu wasn’t in the game today.

1:26: 13 pitch walk by Big G… bases loaded. Did the real Yankees stand up today?

1:29: GRAND SLAM… guess that answers the question.

1:36: 4 runs on the board for the Yanks and Jackson already sitting at a not so sweet 34 pitches.

1:42: That seems to happen to Cano a lot, but this time he managed to realize he didn’t get the call and tag Floyd to get the out.

1:50: I don’t think the fight for the AL East will ever be the same again now that another team has proven it’s here to stay… Gonna miss the good old days when the Rays fell out of contention in Spring Training.

1:55: DJ picks himself up a double after JD goes down, bringing him one away from Lou Gehrig for most hits all time in Yankee Stadium.

1:58: Another bomb. Yanks lead 6-3. Where was this all season?

2:10: 1-2-3 inning by Pav, at 61 pitches through 3 though.

2:13: The Rays’ baby, David Price, is making his major league debut…

2:16: and sits X, Cano & Pudge on 7 pitches.

2:28: Pavano gets in some more trouble but a hell of a play by Cano gets him out of the inning.

2:35: And Price works another 1-2-3.

2:38: Cano is taken out and Betemit is now in the game…ugh.

2:42: Pavano works another 1-2-3 to keep up with Price. Jeter coming up in the inning. Can he have another 3 hit game and tie Gehrig?

2:48: The Capt’n has done it! Jeet takes one over the wall in right center off David Price to tie Gehrig. Flair for the dramatic huh? What a career it has been so far for the Yankee shortstop.

3:02: Wow… Pavano leaving the field apparently with an injury. Unbelievable. Looks to be the right hamstring from what I could tell… I don’t think there’s ever been a more prone player in the history of sports. He did last 5 starts this season though so there’s that.

3:10: I don’t think the score even matters [with the likelihood the Yanks will not be making an October appearance] and yet still, what a game. Jeet makes history, A-Rod throws in a slam, Price makes his debut and Pavano does what he does best.

3:15: Another hell of a play, this time by Gardner, to end the inning.

3:36: Jeet will have to wait until tomorrow to try to take the record, as he grounds into a DP in likely his last at bat of this game.

3:50: Gardner does it again, making another incredible play in center field to take a hit away from Gabe Gross.

4:04: The Red Sox are winning their game in the top of the 9th… it’s sad that we’ve been reduced to playing the spoiler role.

4:23: Mo comes in for a one out save and game over. Yanks win an interesting one at the stadium.


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