Watching The Clock. . . Err. . . Calendar

You can cross off two more games… If my math is correct, there should be 14 more meaningless games to go.

Picture 2.jpg

horrible season has already murdered all hope with a smile on it’s face
so as each game goes by what is going through my mind? Here’s the growing list:

1. Why wait till the offseason? Can Betemit just get the boot now?

Does it just kill Girardi putting on his jersey every game with the
number that was to represent the championship he would bring, but

3. Did the curse seriously transfer hands in ’04?

4. Will a fan get to successfully steal a stadium chair?

In some alternate universe, if the Yanks magically won the rest of the
games while the Red Sox somehow plummeted, how angry would they be?

And one last one… When they Yanks face the Sox in the last series of the season, how terrible funny would it be if a certain key player of theirs got plunked and injured right before October?

Side Notes:

– I wasn’t kidding about Betemit. Ship him out A.S.A.P.

We can’t have anything this year can we? Unless Mussina wins each of
his next 3 starts [assuming he is kept on his regular rotation after
the off day], he won’t finish with 20 this season, yet again.

– I vote for the Capt’n to have the “C” on his chest.

– Hughes is back… whoever said “it’s never too late” lied… and laughed when people believed him.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so eager for a season to end… in
September no less. ’09 couldn’t seem farther away. I had said before I
would sell a kidney for tickets to the All-Star Game, but I decided to
save that baby for Opening Day in the brand new stadium instead. I
would love to tell my grandkids some day that I attended the first game
ever in the new stadium… and that I have one kidney because of it.

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  1. Jane Heller

    So, V, which RS player are you fantasizing about getting plunked in the last series at Fenway? And which Yankees pitcher do you envision doing the plunking? Come on. Give.

    I’m with you on Betemit. Bye bye, Wilson, and your geeky glasses too.

    I’m not with you on putting a “C” on Jeter’s jersey. That’s a Varitek thing. Yech.

    And keep your kidney. I’d do a lot of things for the Yankees and already have, but hang on to your body parts!

  2. flairforthedramatic

    I haven’t made up my mind on which Red Sox player I want the most to be hit yet, but any one of them is fine by me. I’d love to see maybe Pavano plunk one of them. With Farns gone we don’t have much plunkers. It would be great to see him throw one in the dugout and have it somehow hit Lester. The Red Sox would not survive without him.
    Well, the C thing isn’t reserved to only Varitek, with many teams labeling their capt’n, but I see your point. Maybe a C on his cap is better. Jeet should definitely have that perk. He’s a great Capt’n.
    And, if selling my kidney is what it takes to be able to afford a ticket to the first game ever in the new stadium then so be it lol. It does tell you something when a single ticket to the game costs more than an iPod though… I don’t know how this game has turned into a luxury.
    V – F4Td

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