Record Never To Be Broken Again

Derek Jeter officially now stands alone.jeter7-1.jpg

records these days are considered untouchable. Though it may seem
highly unlikely another individual will surpass some of these marks,
there is always that slight chance that someone will come along and
achieve that which was once thought impossible. However, because no one will ever take another at bat in this
Yankee Stadium again, Derek Jeter can now say he owns a record that
will forever be unbreakable. Ruth may have built the House, but Jeter has his name branded on it.

Side Notes:

– I don’t know if Pettitte is nursing some
injury that he refuses to admit or what, but the guy that defined
reliable has been anything but for a while this season. In his last 10
starts he is sporting an ERA of 6.75. If Andy is back for another year
next season, it’d be great if vintage Pettitte decided to show up again.

– Just a little
bit advice going out to fans at the stadium: Get off of A-Rod’s a**. I
like the act of booing just as much as the next fan when a guy’s
performance warrants it, but when the entire lineup really hasn’t done
squat all year and team has no chance of making the postseason,
why bother? I could understand if the Yanks were pushing for a playoff
spot and Alex was failing every time in the clutch [as he has the
tendency to do that] it’d be a different story, but c’mon… now you’re
just making Yankee fans seem horrible [even more than they already
seem, of course].

– Didn’t see the
entire game today so I don’t have much else to say about it, but am I
the only one who still feels insanely odd when seeing that a series
between the Red Sox and the Rays has become back page story worthy?

I saw this up on yesterday:

rays-red sox-1.jpg

My first thought after seeing it: How the hell did the Rays become the Yankees?

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  1. Jane Heller

    I totally agree that the booing of A-Rod is pointless! There’s plenty of blame to go around, and (unlike with Cano) A-Rod’s futility is never because he doesn’t hustle or work hard. How many times did he run to second with Giambi during that crazy at bat tonight? He looked breathless by the end. I say leave the guy alone. He’s trying, which is more than I can say for some on this team.

    As for Andy, I, too, wonder about a possible injury. Either that or he’s just got too much mileage on the odometer.

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