Moving On To Last Series In Yankee Stadium

And the countdown sits at 3.


last series in Yankee Stadium will start tomorrow against the team the
Yanks “coincidentally” started out as. As for this game, wasn’t paying
attention through most of it today so the notes will be brief…

Side Notes:

The hope for 20 remains alive. The Moose train refuses to stop. The
wealthy applause from the fans as Mussina exited was nice. Mike Mussina
must be back in pinstripes in 2009 period.

– Abreu wants to be back in ’09 as well huh?

– A-Rod, stay away from the hair dye.

There have been a lot of sad things about the Yanks this season, but
how sad was it that it was even mentioned that this win ensured a
winning season for the Yanks this year? I don’t even have a comment for

P.S. I’m featured on the MLBlogs front page. Feeling cool 🙂 I’m actually from Brooklyn though, but w/e.

Congrats to Zach Hample for the two great catches, awesome dance and
uber amount of famousness [I hope that’s a word] he’s gotten
from it.

To add on to the Joe G. statements of denial/naiveness [again, hoping
that’s a word]: “Well, the season is not over for us”… Girardi is a funny guy.



  1. Jane Heller

    Very cool about your front page promo! And lol about A-Rod’s hair. It was hilarious how Michael Kay and Al Leiter were going on about it. Kay: “What color is that? It’s not his natural color, that’s for sure.” Leiter: “It’s kind of orange.” Those two need to get out more.

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