79 Down, 2 To Go

And the countdown sits at 2.

yankee stadium.jpg

matter how many times you say it out loud it’s still hard to accept the
fact that the Cathedral will be forced to witness it’s last two games
of it’s 85 year long life in the next two days. With a ballpark that
encompasses the essence of baseball itself, there is one thing that
must be mentioned as it’s doors begin to close… and that, my friends, is
that the stadium, even long after it is brought down, will not die. The
one right next to it will not diminish the lifetime of memories the
current Yankee Stadium has created within it’s walls, nor will it allow
people to forget the passion that has been generated by it. After the last game, the House
that Ruth built will continue to live as the legends do, in the
whispers of the wise on the days when the game was all you needed.

Side Notes:

Not a bad day for the “move over Melk” man, Brett Gardner. The catch by
him in the 4th was one of the few that you have to see the replay
immediately to make sure what you just saw was real. He even got a
smile from Pavano, who continues to amaze all by remaining on the mound.

– I could see it 365 days a year and Mo’s entrance would still get me every time.

– Not much else to say about this game… or any game other than the one that will be played on Sunday. Like every other person
that can’t afford a ticket, I will be watching the game through my TV
screen. It’s doesn’t have to be said, but I’m going to say it anyway…
fact of life: you have to be rich or connected to do anything these
days. However, no worries, the new stadium will benefit the average fan
by decreasing the number of seats and increasing the number of suites
[word that means money]… must be excited about that.

Edit: I don’t know how I managed to space out when titling this one, but I got it right now. [Thanks for the heads up Level.]



  1. levelboss

    Gardner needs to be a solid hitter or else he’ll be in Melky’s position nowso the most the Yankees can win this year is 85 games? sadness
    the two things i look forward to the most are
    1) seeing Boston lose in the playoffs (hopefully Anaheim or Tampa Bay can beat them)
    and 2) seeing the acquisition of CC Sabathia in the offseason

  2. levelboss

    i’m sorry, i misunderstood..
    there are two games left at Yankee Stadium with the last six games of the year on the road.. i’m just happy that i at least went to Yankee Stadium once (when i was a kid).. i remember the big bat at the main entrance

  3. flairforthedramatic

    Wow, thanks for the heads up on that one Level. I was doing like 3 different things when writing this and completely spaced out on the games left on the road.
    V – F4Td

  4. Jane Heller

    Yeah, I could watch Mo do his Enter Sandman thing every night of the year and never get bored of it. You’re so lucky you’re in NY and won’t be BLACKED OUT by Fox for tomorrow’s game. I’ll be stuck watching it on my computer.


  5. levelboss

    i watch the games on my computer too, Jane.. at work and at home
    an awesome vacation would be to go to New York and watch the Yankees play in Da Bronx.. i guess that would have to be in the new stadium.. i’d rather do that than go abroad to most places

  6. flairforthedramatic

    No, I don’t have tickets to the first game Lt. Mike. Thus, my frustration with the high ticket prices and having to watch it on TV.
    Only one game Level? Where do you live?
    Ouch, blacked out. I guess I can be glad I always have all the games on here in NY but argh, I want to go to the last game more than I want to have a good life when I’m older. Screw the picket fence! Lol.
    V – F4Td

  7. Jane Heller

    The more they hype tomorrow night’s game the more I wish I could be there. It’ll have a playoff atmosphere and there’s nothing more exciting. I went to the ALDS against Cleveland last year – at the Jake and at the Stadium – and it’s a total buzz. (Well, Game 4 at the Stadium was a total bummer.) So while I wouldn’t sell my kidney, V, I wish I could be in NY and at least be able to watch all the festivities on YES. No clue what ESPN will choose to show us out here in CA.


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