One To Set The Stage

And the countdown sits at 1.

yankee stadium2-1.jpg

It’s only fitting that the game before the last would be of the walkoff variety.

Side Notes:

– I only have only one word for Aceves: impressive.

– It
would be pure torture if Jeter is unable to play tomorrow because he
gets hit by a pitch in the last inning of this game. However, I’m sure
the Capt’n will play with one arm, even for just one inning, if he
has to.

– Cano is currently the last to hit a home run in the ballpark as of yet. I’m thinking tomorrow’s game will be similar
to this one in that the early innings will be scoreless. No doubt the
guys will be swinging for the fences. I predict A-Rod will be the one. I hope
Jeter does it though.

– The
Yanks can get eliminated any day now, including tomorrow. It will kill
everyone if the Yanks lose the final game in the House but if that
should happen and the Red Sox win their game tomorrow, the Yanks would
get x’ed out on the day their stadium does. Does it amaze anyone else
how these things unfold?

The suspense is killing me.

I will be posting probably my longest post tomorrow. It will be a
tribute to the stadium so check it out before the game tomorrow.



  1. Jane Heller

    Will definitely check out your tribute tomorrow. As for me, I’ll be on the web site of the NY Times (will put the link on my blog when I have it). They did a special feature called “Echoes in the Bronx” as a farewell to the Stadium. They got a bunch of people to give their memories of the House. My essay will be there, plus a podcast. Meanwhile, I HATE that Jeter got hit today. Made me soooo mad.

  2. flairforthedramatic

    That sounds cool. I’ll check that out too.
    And I know, sucks that DJ got hit right before tomorrow’s game.
    I hate the fact that the game will be on ESPN tomorrow. Jon Miller and Joe Morgan are unbearable.
    V – F4Td

  3. 26andcounting

    I can’t believe that it’s the last game ever at this stadium . . . so much history has happened here.
    It’s also weird the Joe Torre isn’t here . . . he had a fair amount of history in this Stadium.
    Hopefully the Yankees can seal the deal and sweep the O’s in this final game!
    GO YANKS!!

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