And That’s A Wrap

Couldn’t have dreamed it to be any better…

yankees farewell-1.jpg

In one of the most magical nights ever to occur, the Yanks end it the way it began… with a victory.

There has never been a greater night to be a Yankee fan.

Side Notes:

The Yanks will likely not be making the post season for the first time
since ’93 but you’d never be able to tell that by looking at them
tonight. They don’t need the postseason. This one night will live
longer than the memory of any postseason game of past or future.

Last Win: Andy Pettitte. Last AB: Derek Jeter. Last Pitch:
Mariano Rivera. Just as it all should be. The only thing no one would
of predicted was the last HR, which goes to Jose Molina, for only his
3rd home run of the season… baseball is pretty random. [Other Lasts – Last Strikeout: Joba. Last Hit: Giambino. Last SB: Abreu.]

Watching the legends take the field prior to the game took the breathe
out of my lungs, while the farewell speech made by the Yankee Capt’n
Derek Jeter left me with only one word that I could muster… “wow”. It
was short and sweet but it felt almost as great as Gehrig’s.

– There
is so much to talk about and yet I have no other words to spill as of
yet… will probably add on later or tomorrow, but one thing I must
say: Yankee Stadium got all that it deserves tonight. Thnks Fr Th Mmrs.

P.S. For my tribute to Yankee Stadium check out my last post.



  1. Jane Heller

    You sound as wiped out as I am. What a day/night. Completely magical from start to finish. I couldn’t sleep so I blogged about everything, putting down my favorite pre-game/game/post-game moments. Let me know if I forgot something. What do the Yankees do for an encore? I say, SWEEP THE RAYS! I know. I need to get a grip.

  2. redstatebluestate

    Well, as the Prince of New York says: “I’m Glad The Festivities Are Over So We Can Stop Hearing About It”. It’s true. Kudos to NY and Yankees fans the world over, but I’m tired of hearing about it ;-p Now we resume talks about them missing the post-season, whadyasay, V?

  3. Jane Heller

    Oops. Just realized I wrote “sweep the RAYS.” I was truly delirious last night. I meant JAYS, obviously. Yes, Jeff, you can now get back to resuming talks about our missing the playoffs. I will too. Which is why I just bought tix at Dodger Stadium for Game 2 of the NLDS. I’m anticipating playoff withdrawal and figured this was a good way to deal with it.

  4. flairforthedramatic

    Lol, you know you loved everything last night Jeff. It’s okay for you to admit it, I won’t tell anyone. You don’t have to hate… cuz I’mmmm right 🙂 And yes, you can resume hating the Yankees now that it’s over. Just couldn’t resist throwing in a taunt that they’re not making the postseason, could ya? It’s all good though. I’m content now.
    V – F4Td

  5. trishw

    I found your site on
    The whole season was what a new fan like me (yes, only watching for 3 years) has no idea how bitter it truely is.
    I will be watching the final game on Sunday, September 28 though.
    Moose will be pitching his final game on my birthday.
    That is gift enough for me.

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