Tribute To The Holy Ground

With it’s last game to be played 8 hours from now, I believe it’s that time.


Time to bow down to all that is Yankee Stadium.

Here’s The Tribute To:

1. The Legends

you can’t mention Yankee Stadium without mentioning the greats that
have played there. Considering how long that list is, I won’t reiterate
the names here, but you know who they are. Their ghosts still roam the
grounds while their predecessors wear the pinstripes.

2. The Fans

nothing but the truth that the fans of this franchise are the loudest,
most obnoxious, flagrant, offensive, in-your-face,
apologize-for-nothing, perform-or-else fans there are… and they
aren’t ashamed of it. They’ll boo poor performance, get criticized
because of it and do it again the next day. However, in the end, all
a player has to do is be decent off the field, play their heart out on
the field and come to win to be idolized forever. Plus, there is no
stronger bond between strangers than there is between Yankee fans in
the House.

3. The One They Call Freddy

a man just two years younger than the stadium itself comes to the
ballpark night after night to cover every inch of the grandstand,
hoping to get some fans off their feet and cheering or clanking a pan
that can be heard blocks away for luck, he becomes as a part of the
ballpark experience as the Cracker Jack and the national anthem. Freddy
is man #26.

4. The Bleacher Creatures

in Yankee Stadium would a bunch of fans sitting farthest from the game
be crazy in non-alcoholic seats, appear to begin and end all chants and
manage to create a new Yankee tradition, known to all as… the roll

5. Sinatra

man’s voice singing “New York, New York”, whether after a win or a
loss, is one that you look forward to after the game. When the final
out is recorded it’s just clockwork… [you know how it goes].

6. The “Frieze”

adorning the upper deck or above the bleachers, the trademark frieze
that will be carried on over to the new stadium has become the signal
that the ballpark you’re in is indeed the Cathedral of Baseball.

7. The Blue

It ain’t just any blue. Navy blue. Strong and proud… fitting in defining the Yankees themselves.

8. The Spots

the back of the minds of the players and fans, an unbelievable play or a
historic home run can be vividly seen just by looking at the spot where
it occurred. Just a few to mention: the spot where Jeter flew into the
stands in ’04… or the spot where Hayes caught the final out of Game 6
in ’96… or the spot where Boone’s homer landed, knocking the Red Sox out in
’03… or the spots where the numerous Hall Of Famers of the game took at the
start of the final All-Star Game in Yankee Stadium this past July.

9. The Mystique

hard to fully describe this one into words but anyone who has merely
been to the stadium or remembers the first time they visited Yankee
Stadium knows what I’m talking about. It’s kind of that cheesy
Disneyland commercial feeling that hits you when you see the field lit
up as you enter. Grass feels like it’s never looked greener, the night
sky feels like it’s never looked clearer and even if only for a couple
hours, everything feels just as it should be.

And last but not least…

10. The City

It is fact that no
other city in the country or the world would be able to do a better job
of housing this team. The New York City lights provide the spotlight,
the 8 million people provide the hype, the borough of the Bronx
provides the stage and Yankee Stadium provides the memories to
last a lifetime.

Side Note: For anyone watching or following the game tonight [which should be everyone] Jason over at Heartland Pinstripes is hosting a HDLR [Heartland Digital Living Room] event so stop by for some chinwag during the game.



  1. flairforthedramatic

    The guy that dances to “Cotton Eyed Joe”? He’s hilarioussss, lol, though I don’t consider him as a part of the ballpark.
    V – F4Td

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