Yankees & October Part Ways. . . For Now

Yes, Peanut Butter Postseason & Jelly Yankees will not be together in ’08.


BFF’s for 13 seasons have decided to take some space for a year after
Jelly insulted Peanut Butter for 3 months and then completely severed
their relationship when they refused to apologize for the next 3
months… tsk tsk. However… I assure everyone, it will be peanut
butter jelly time again!

Now, moving on to things we didn’t already know a month ago…

Side Notes:

Moose train still going strong. It only has one more stop to make, but
only one chance to get there. The last game will now somewhat have

I gotta say… I like how on the YES Postgame Show they made no big deal that the Yanks
aren’t making the playoffs after not having missed the postseason since
’93. Since the Yanks have been a disappointment all year, they pretty
much made it no surprise that this would happen so I see how it would
be hard to say much other than: “The Yanks won’t make it to October
baseball… so yeah… how ’bout them Mets?” [If that other New York
team doesn’t make it again, the Yanks will at least have competition
for biggest embarrassment, great huh?]

The only other positive I can take from this… at least the Yanks
didn’t take themselves out at the end. It took a Boston win to knock
them out with the Yanks managing to put together a 6 game winning
streak. If you know you’re going to lose, you should nonetheless finish
strong, so they’re doing something.

I haven’t made up my mind yet on whether I’ll be watching the
postseason with the Yanks out, but if I do, who should I root for?
Hmm… Can’t root for the Red Sox. The Angels have a real shot… but
my hatred for them could possibly be larger than for the Red Sox.
Basically I’m down to the other Sox and the Rays [or Minnesota, but
that’s not happening]… I tip my cap to the cockroach that wouldn’t
die [Rays] for taking care of business this year, but they literally
have no experience. I’ll probably flip a coin but it looks like Crazy
Ozzie and his guys are getting my vote. As for the NL… let’s face it,
I really don’t care about them.

– I never thought I would be so calm the day when the Yanks fail to reach October for the first time in essentially my lifetime but…
it is what it is. It felt better than postseason fever on Sunday, when
the House closed, so I’m content BUT if the crappy performance thing
happens again in ’09… let’s just say, I won’t be happy.

P.S. Much thanks to Mark for asking my opinion the Yanks’ failure to reach the postseason this year and featuring it in an article on mlb.com and yankees.com. Here’s the link:

Original post here.


  1. bgummy

    You’re absolutely right. This post season will seem surreal without the Yankees’ presence in it. It’s not going to be much fun to watch.
    But with the Rangers’ season about to open, at least there will be something to watch on TV.
    PS: you’re doing an excellent job with your blog. Keep up the great work!

  2. doodoobutter

    OMG marry me!
    lol your blog is awesome. You’re a real diehard. I don’t think I’ve ever seen/heard of a girl who’s more into baseball (and the Yanks!) more than you..props.
    Keep up the excellent, amazing, wonderful work! =)

  3. Jane Heller

    Congrats on being featured in Mark’s article! As for which team to root for now (or whether to root for any team), I’m with you on the Red Sox and Angels. In the AL I’m going with the Rays because, as I’ve said before, the people in their organization were so great to me while I was writing the book. And, while I’m pretty clueless about the NL, I’m going to Game 2 at Dodger Stadium of the NLDS just because I’ll be craving some playoff juice and why not root for Joe and Donnie?


  4. flairforthedramatic

    bgummy – surreal indeed. before last season I hadn’t even thought about whether the Yanks would make it or not because I just assumed the Yanks would always find a way to grab a playoff spot. i guess i’ll have to get used to the possibility the Yanks won’t be able to pull it off every year. thx for the compliment 🙂
    doodoobutter – i’m just a smidge too young to get married right now lol, but thanks for the compliment. if you check out the other blogs here you’ll see a lot of girls that are into baseball. the sport isn’t just for guys anymore 🙂
    jane – thank you. i miiiight root for the rays, i don’t know. i still feel weird that i have to even think about another team to root for in October. i don’t pay much attention to the NL, but I would definitely root for the dodgers. i miss torre. i’ll still be showing him some love.
    V – F4Td

  5. mlbmark

    Hey, how in the world are you not in the Latest Leaders, especially after that shout-out???@!!!! I think there was way too much “noise” and more content about Yankee Stadium and the Bombers than anyone could deal with. I just gave it another shoutout on the community blog. Thanks again for helping!


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