Live Blogging One If The Game Ever Starts

          Though the Yanks are officially eliminated and the games don’t technically matter anymore, I’m going to attempt to liveblog this one [if the game even gets in] for two reasons:

1.) The obvious… I have nothing else to do
2.) It’s still a Boskees game.

          Supposedly the game is going to begin at 8:35 according to Pete Abraham so I’ll be chinwagging here if it indeed happens. If not, then I’ll have created this post for nothing… exciting.


8:11: Seems Matsuzaka has been scratched already.

8:13: A-Rod is back in the lineup, crossing out the possibility that he was being kept out to protect his .300 avg… a concept which I think is stupid. I know .300 looks way better than .299, but seriously, will one point really matter anytime other than right now? No. Jeet is also back in the lineup. He couldn’t miss the last series with Boston, even if the games mean nothing to the Yanks.

8:30: There’s talk of Mo possibly needing surgery on his shoulder, which has apparently been somewhat bothering him all season. What did Joe G. do when asked about Mariano? He tried to pull off the ever so effective strategy of: Deny Deny Deny.

8:33: The game is about to get underway finally. I’m still in awe that the Yanks’ only option right now is to spoil the Red Sox’s hopes at the division. When I looked at this series at the start of the season I thought it was going to be a pre-postseason look and would have some serious fire. Now it’s just feels like waiting for death.

8:42: Haha, another Buckner.

8:47: I don’t how it’s possible to hit a foul ball to right field at Fenway, but the guy that only hits to right managed to do it.

8:51: Maybe the Yanks should put a 15 year old on their team… seems to be working for the Red Sox [damn Ellsbury]… hell, it worked for the Chinese gymnasts in Beijing too.

9:00: I hate Youkilis… but not for the reasons you’d think. Not because he just hit one over the monster… and not because he has worse facial hair than the pre-Yankees Johnny Damon… anddd not because his batting stance makes you want to look away from the TV. I hate him just because I can.

9:12: I don’t know if anyone else if baffled by this but I can’t get over how fast Brett the Jet is even on ground ball outs. Speedy Gonzalez takes the running game to a whole new level.

9:15: I wonder if it still stings when the Red Sox’s former idiot takes one over the wall against them. I hope it does.

9:20: Right now I’m switching back and forth between the game and the presidential debate going on right now… did anyone catch McCain saying, “Well, I don’t want to go back and forth on this…blah blah blah.” Can someone please lend this guy a dictionary and point to the word debate?

9:36: I hope Nady is still on the team next season. I feel like the guy always makes things happen.

9:43: Speaking of making things happen, how about Lil G? Gardner is really making sure Joe G. gets it ingrained in his head that he wants to be the center fielder.

10:05: Yanks leading 10 – 3 so far [and it’s only the 4th]. Damn, now I really wish this game mattered.

10:16: And the rains come again… Who doesn’t love playing in the rain?

10:22: Heh… the Red Sox are trying to catch up.

10:26: Ransom hits another one on the first pitch while its pouring enough to make Steve Carell start building a whole new boat. Bring on Evan Almighty II.

10:27: And the tarp is on again… what a night.

11:05: Back to baseball. Finish the 5 already and call it a night.

11:12: And Fenway is as quiet as it will ever be. I give propz to the real fans who stayed, but wow, if any heckler wants to cause some havoc he’s got a clear shot here.

11:27: The Yanks are blowing the Red Sox away in a game, and I’m yawning… imagine that.

11:30: They finally finish 5, are heading into the bottom of the 6th and the rains won’t come down now… figures.

11:47: Fenway kind of looks scary now. Seriously empty. I don’t even blame them now. This is like watching the longest movie ever made [whatever that is]… in slow motion.

The game isn’t over yet but I’m calling it a night. It’s already obvious the Yanks will win this one. They’re out already, but I would love to see the Yanks sweep the Red Sox here just to stick it to them before they head into October, while the Yanks skip that month. Can’t do anything else.


  1. flairforthedramatic

    Haha, yeah. I was going to mention that. Joe G. has nooot been anywhere near smooth when it comes to the interviews with reporters. He has a bigger attitude than I have… and that’s seriously saying something lol.
    – V

  2. flairforthedramatic

    Thx for reminding me about the debate J. I almost forgot. I’m looking forward to seeing it, which is like a miracle because before this year I had never been much into politics. I’m hoping McCain will sound extra stupid and Obama will show why he’s the right choice.
    – V

  3. flairforthedramatic

    Thx for stopping by Greg.
    And though ya might not get the division title, at least you guys are heading to the postseason.
    It’s still embarrassing just to think that the Yanks won’t be going to the postseason for the first time since ’93, while the RAYS will. I still can’t believe that that team went to last to first in a blink of an eye.
    – V

  4. flairforthedramatic

    I hope it’s not on long. Though it doesn’t matter that much in terms of the season, the umps will be robbbbing 13 RBIs.
    Is it just me or do these two teams alwaysssss find a way to make their game finish after 11pm? Always a marathon.
    – V

  5. flairforthedramatic

    Yeah, I hope they finish the 5 innings and just call the game.
    I’ve never been so eager for a Yanks/Red Sox game to end.
    Even though the Yanks are winning, in blow out fashion, I feel like a year of my life has gone by watching.
    – V

  6. flairforthedramatic

    It does seem like it’s turning into spring training, which is fitting because the Yanks will have to be waiting till spring training to see action after this series… which just suckks. [I know you Red Sox fans are parading lol.]
    – V

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