Last Day Of Pathetic Season Pt. I: Moose Notches Win #20

Finally, the Baseball Gods show mercy and cease the torture upon poor, old Bullwinkle.


Here’s a direct quote from the mind of Mike Mussina [yes, I know what he thinks]: “‘Bout f***ing time.”

Side Notes:

Another quote from the game [this one from the mouth of Michael Kay]: “Joe Girardi is
managing this like a World Series game to get Mussina his 20th win.” Well… duh. He won’t be managing any actual World Series games this
season so this is the closest he’ll get to it.

I virtually bow down to Xavier Nady right now for driving in the first
3 Yankee runs today, putting them in the lead and Moose in position for
the win.

Though I expected something of the sort from them, those damn Red Sox
fans dared to hold up the number 2000 to remind us of the last year the
Yanks won a championship. My response to that: Chu wanna play rough?
OoOokay… Even if the Red Sox miraculously win the World Series again
this year, I’ll still be holding up a sign with the number of
championships they still need to catch up. That number is still in the
double digits suckers. *

Last Day Of Pathetic Season Pt. 2 to begin at 7:35… though that
could change with the flood-like rains that have hit Boston this weekend. I just
laugh at the fact that Ponson will be pitching the last game of the season for the Yanks [Jeff is likely laughing too].

– I knew this already, but for all those who didn’t: Papelbon is a baby. On
the rare occasion that Mariano suckks do you see him throw a hissy fit?
Never. Thus, Papelbon’s name should never be uttered in the same breath
as Mo’s.

to the cool Red Sox fans who might get all offended. However, to all
the not so cool Red Sox fans: you’re lucky I don’t say worse.

P.S. I have only one word for the Mets: HA.

P.P.S. I lied, I have 8 more words for the Mets: You’ll always be New York baseball’s ugly duckling.

to mention: Rookie hazing was the other day and guys… the village
people? Couldn’t have been more creative than that? I would’ve made
them dress up as the Teletubbies.

Original post here.


  1. Greg

    I see some blue skies from my window, so the night cap hopefully won’t be as dreadful.

    Papelbon is the type of player you love if he is on your team, and you hate if you don’t. Kind of like A-Rod…nevermind…nobody likes A-Rod.

    Gratz to Mussina for getting his 20th. I actually wanted to see Joba blow it. LOL. But that’s just the Red Sox fan in me.

    Click here: Red Sox Rumblings @

  2. flairforthedramatic

    Jane – Diva is right. It’s one game that doesn’t even matter. I am extremely happy for Moose though. I really wanted him to get his 20 win season. I doubt Mo is doing harm to his shoulder if he has been pitching with his shoulder bothering him all season, but since the Yanks have no October to worry about Mariano will be able to get the problem fixed soon.
    Greg – Yeah, I hope they manage to have one of these games start on time. I don’t know if I’d ever love Papelbon but I’ll take your word for it. I do think he’s pretty funny sometimes, but besides that eehhh. And hey, I like A-Rod. I boo him when he extremely suckks like everyone else, but I do that for every player when they extremely suckk. However, when it’s all said and done, A-Rod is still on my list of favorite players. Girardi was noot going to let anyone blow it, even Joba, which I thought was praiseworthy of him. If he had blown it I would’ve cried. I hope Wakefield gets driven out in the first inning, but that’s just the Yankee fan in me 🙂
    V – F4Td

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