Start Of Yankee-less October

And thus, it begins… the offseason for the Yanks and the precious postseason for the teams that made it.

For what’s going on in Yankee Universe: The
first move of the offseason has been made and the Yanks have resigned
the Mariano of GM’s, Brian Cashman. I don’t think anyone believed Cash
would actually leave the team he’s help build, even though it was a possibility. However, now
that he’s officially staying on board for at least the next three
years, you can cross that off the checklist and feel a little relief.

For what’s going on in the rest of baseball:
The postseason has begun… and it’s time for my pick. I said
before that I wasn’t sure what team I’d be rooting for in October since
the Yanks decided to purposely drown themselves so the other teams can
get a shot… but, I’ve made my decision. Hello Chicago White Sox,
you’ve just been adopted for a month.  No surprise. The Red Sox were not going to
get any support from me for obvious reasons. Same goes for the Angels.
The two teams left in the AL were the Rays [a.k.a. the out of nowhere,
backstabbing, must be cheaters] and the White Sox, lead by one crazy
s.o.b. So naturally I chose the team lead by the crazy s.o.b. I don’t
really care about the NL, but if the Dodgers make it to the WS, I’ll
root for them [well, all but the one that can’t pull off any other
color than Red Sox Red] because I would love to see Torre stick it to
the morons that thought that a one year deal wasn’t an insult.

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  1. Jane Heller

    The Angels didn’t do us any favors last night. They just seem to fall apart whenever they play the Red Sox. I think the Yankees are the only team that actually knows how to beat the Sox, but we’re just spectators now. GRRRRR.

  2. 26andcounting

    Going into the postseason, I was rooting for CWS, even though Ozzie is freakin’ crazy . . . however, with TB likely winning that series, I’m going for the Dodgers!

  3. jonathon

    I won’t lie, as a Red Sox fan I love having the Yankees in the playoffs. NOTHING in sports is as exciting as a NYY/BOS ALCS match up. Of course I’ll gladly celebrate the Sox winning regardless.

  4. hihater

    yea as far as the angels finishing the red soxs isnt going to happen now. and i agree with someone else’s comment, the yankees i think are the only team that can handle the redsox in the post season. Although this year has proven wieder stuff, the rays have owned them all year so if they can keep playing the way they have been there just might be un upset in the making. I think the dodgers are playing the best ball so far in the post season, so they will make the WS no problem. If the redsox some how make the WS, it would be a wierd turn of events if manny can make the redsoxs eat there words and knock them out of the world series by himself. I live out here in the west coast and drove by angel staduim after game two, and there was a feeling of it just being over. how ever yesterdays dodger game i was at was completely the opposite, and for obvious reasons. So i hope its tampa and the dodgers,but seeing the redsoxs lose to the dodgers with Torre and Manny wouldnt be bad either.

  5. redstatebluestate

    Well, looks like the Angels went the unhappy way of the Yankees. But there’s always next year, right? Oh man, be careful. Don’t want to sound like a Cubs fan.
    Also, wanted to let you know that we’re going to attempt to live-blog the debate tonight, attempt being the operative word here.

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