Of Course. . .

Red Sox vs. Rays

Could the postseason be any more obvious?

I uselessly wished the Red Sox would get knocked out first round by the
team that had their name imprinted on October all year, I knew this
matchup was screaming to be played and of course it would be. I bet the
Red Sox thought the Rays’ little attempt at being champs this year was
cute, and that they’d crumple under the pressure of the playoffs for
sure but… they’re not so cute anymore now huh?

the Rays locked up a spot in the postseason that would’ve been the
Yanks’, despite whether or not they deserved it, the Rays must beat the
Red Sox. I don’t even care if they play dirty. Do anything. If the Red Sox head to
the World Series again and, Baseball Gods forbid, win, I’d… well, I
don’t know what I’d do right now, but I’m sure my only options would be 1)
paper bag over my head for the rest of my days, 2) cry until I have
nothing left in my tear ducts or 3)
ask Bin Laden if he has room in his hole for me so I can hide out till the Yanks win again.

Rays, for the love of America [or at least the America it would be if Obama would win the election], please beat the Red Sox.

Side Notes:

– How ’bout them Dodgers? If Torre isn’t grinning every minute of the day, I know he wants to.

– To all Cubs fans: Welcome to ‘Ouch’ Town.


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