Ode To The Cockroach That Wouldn’t Die [a.k.a. TB Rays]

Let me be the first to publicly say…


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

[End of ode.]

though you stole a spot in the postseason that would’ve been ours, you
knocked the Red Sox out so job well done. Johnny Depp would’ve had to
surrender his “cry-baby” tag to me if Boston had gone to the World
Series again. I don’t even want to imagine the heartbreak + anger I
would’ve felt if they had won another championship. No one
thought the Rays had it in them stay on top for the entire season, let
alone lasting through the postseason, but they now have a chance to
take it all with 4 wins against Philly. If they accomplish that, not
bad for a team that never saw October eh?

Side Notes:

– Joba arrested for DWI on Saturday… tsk
tsk. Though the news utterly shocked me at first, after thinking about
it I was no longer surprised. Instant fame and a larger bank account
drives people to do stupid things, true story. Just ask all those
celebrities that have mug shots that will be made fun of for the rest
of their days. However, I hope that this is the first and only blip on
Joba’s “Things I Will Regret” list.

Original post here.


  1. flairforthedramatic

    Neal – I can’t say I wasn’t one of those people. I thought for sure they’d go back to their losing ways somewhere along the way, but they stayed on top and are now doing the same thing in the postseason. Congrats to them.
    Jane – I agree. Joba did issue an apology, but what are apologies worth these days? Like 2 cents? Well, a whole dollar if you’re Derek Jeter, but he’s the only exception. Then again, he’s never had anything to apologize for… if the world were only full of Jeters. Joba is such a good role model and I hope this doesn’t tarnish his image.
    V – F4Td

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