In Retrospect

order of business, apologies to anyone who reads this blog for my month-ish absence.
Blame education. I’m in my senior year of high school but it feels like
college already. Papers due every week + applying to college madness =
no time & no fun. But, I’m back… well, for at least this post
[not sure how often I’ll be able to post these days] and I’m thinking
of starting a new “segment” on the blog to recap the events of the
week/month [haven’t decided yet] so, here’s to the first…

The Month Since My Last Post In Retrospect:

1. Phillies Win World Series:

anyone even care about this one? I swear, this might’ve been the most
boring and least talked about WS of all time. Had the Rays won, maybe
it would’ve generated more talk, since it would’ve been their first
championship in their absolute first year in the playoffs, but no, the
Phillies had to win and make the World Series something no one cared
about this year. Congrats gentlemen.

2. Yanks Make “Other Teams: Don’t Even Try” Offer To CC:

The economy is becoming the new titanic, while Sabathia is getting enough money to make it rain
pour for weeks. Why CC is still “thinking about his options” is beyond
me. I would’ve packed my bags and been on a plane the minute the Yanks
made the offer.

3. Hank Displays His Greedy S.O.B.’ness… In  A Good Way:

CC, Burnett oh my. We all knew Hank was coming dangerously close to
being more infamous than his father the minute he stepped on the scene,
but… wow, now he’s just leaving him in the dust. Mini-Stein Numero
Uno can’t just have a slice, he wants the whole pie and if you’re a
Yankee fan you’re probably thinking the same thing as me: Screw the haters, we have a sweet tooth. Bring us the big boys. [Gotta love a shopping spree.]

4. Yanks Put Swisher In Blue Pinstripes:

that’s not even the thing worth noting… the real story is who they
got rid of in getting him: Wilson Betemit [+2 minor league guys].
Forgetting about Sabathia/Lowe/Burnett for a second, this move right
here was bliss for me. I don’t know what’s worse than garbage, but
Betemit was it. I can’t even count how many times I wanted to take the
bat from his hands this year. But, besides Betemit, the other thing to
note about this move: the “dreams” of acquiring Teixeira. Yeah, say goodbye to those. But, if it makes you guys feel any better the Yanks also got a minor leaguer named “Kanekoa Texeira” with this move.

5. Rasner Wants To Leave, Gets His Wish… I Think:

So Raz requests a trade and the Yanks deal him to Japan… I don’t know if Raz wanted to go that far, but all I can say is good luck.

6. Free Agent Madness:

one guy not sure if he’s even going to pitch again, another guy 
wanting to pitch just one more year and plenty of other guys now on the free
agent market, I can’t even tell which way is up right now. One of the
many reasons why I do not like the off-season is because of how much
goes on. I lack the ability to keep up so just tell me who’s on the
roster the day before Opening Day.


– Jeet & A-Rod win Silver Slugger and Moose picks up another Gold Glove, congrats to each.

– New Yankee Stadium is looking super sexy.

new yankee stadium.jpg

P.S. Lemme know if I missed any news.

P.P.S. Duh, forgot the election. Viva Obama.

P.P.P.S. Now, go and vote for Victor Martinez for “Oddity Of The Year” TYIB Award [formally known as Blooper Of The Year] because that kick of the bucket was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.



  1. levelboss

    hey Vanessa! nice to see you back
    “One of the many reasons why I do not like the off-season is because of how much goes on.”

    well apparently you’ve been keeping up with the Hot Stove – you got all the details correct

    i’ve been mostly hanging out at Jane Heller’s blog, Confessions of a She-Fan.. consistent writing, funny picture-shows, and a growing community of regulars

    Hank’s gonna spray money like a firehose this off-season – maybe two big pitchers and a big bat (in a weird way, i’d actually would like if Manny joined the Yankees – his bat is still potent)

  2. flairforthedramatic

    Level – Yes, I’ve noticed how Confessions has been growing. I been trying to keep up with the blogs, despite not having time to write on my own lol. I don’t think I would ever be okay with Manny on the Yanks. He would be the answer to one of those elementary school test questions that ask “Which doesn’t belong?”
    Jane – Thanks, feels good to post again. And I agree with Level, you’re running a great blog 🙂
    – F4Td

  3. juliasrants

    Hey Vanessa, good luck with school! While I am a Red Sox fan, it has been fun trying to keep up with the antics of the Yankees this off season. I would agree – it is just a matter of time before CC signs – why drag it out! And I really DON”T want you guys to get Lowe; we would love him back in Boston. Keep up the great work and look forward to reading more. Good luck with the college apps!

  4. Greg

    Welcome back. No apologies necessary, but I remember my senior year being a cake walk compared to previous year. Maybe that was only after the acceptance letters came in. Anyway, Sometimes time away helps the creative juices, too. New stadium looks great. I wish we could be getting a new stadium too, but I doubt I’ll see one in my lifetime.

    Red Sox Ramblings:

  5. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Vanessa …

    Great to see you back blogging !!! … Not too much action yet involving the Yankees, except the Nick Swisher trade, which I think was a good move by the Yanks, especially, since Wilson Betemit was part of the deal … Like you said in your post, “the real story [of the Swisher trade] was getting rid of Betemit” … But, hopefully, the Yankees are not serious about using Nick Swisher as our starting first baseman … Swisher is a good bench player, and that should be his “only” role on the Yankees … The Yankees should pay whatever it takes to sign Mark Teixeira, who is an “all-star”, and can be the Yankees starting first baseman for the next 7-10 years … Money should not be an issue in any deal the Yankees are considering !!! … In my view, the Yankees main priorities this winter should be the signing of: Mark Teixeira; CC Sabathia; Bobby Abreu; Andy Pettitte; Mike Mussina [if he doesn’t retire]; and, one other “free-agent” starting pitcher !!! … Also, the Yankees need Posada and Matsui to be healthy for the whole season, and put up “big” numbers at the plate in 2009 !!! … Vanessa, enjoy the “Hot Stove League” !!! … Jimmy [27NYY] …

  6. flairforthedramatic

    Julia – Thxx for stopping by. Yes, unless CC is crazy, he’ll likely end up in New York, so the whole waiting game is unnecessary.
    Neal – Ehh, I’m not too sure about Peavy, I believe he’s going to the Cubs, but yes, forgot to mention him.
    Greg – I’m so0o0o0o excited about the new stadium. I just passed by it yesterday and it looks so beautiful… and that’s just looking at it from the outside. I semi feel sorry for you Boston fans that have to stick with Fenway for enternity it seems lol.

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