In Retrospect

for the near month absence, although there wasn’t much news to
speak of in Yankee Universe anyway [until today], but alas, a recap of
what’s up:

1. Sabathia Signs The Dotted Line

about eff-n time. I get that this decision for CC was a life choice and
not just a deal, but c’mon.. the pinstripes, the new Yankee Stadium,
New York City, 7 year job security.. oh, and 160 million.. how is it
humanly possible to say no to that? What’s funny about the deal though,
besides the fact that economy is drowning and people were losing their
jobs while CC was thinking: “Hmm.. $160 million.. sounds good I guess,
but gotta check with the wife,” is that this story breaks at the same
time the Mets sign K-Rod, and was it not hilarious that the other New
York team signs a guy who just broke the record for saves last year,
and still, they don’t have the story of the day? Ahh, always second best.. I applaud the effort though. 🙂

sabathia story-1.jpg

2. A Drumroll For Burnett Please

course, it wouldn’t be a real off-season without more than just one
huge deal. The Yanks have supposedly offered Burnett 5 years, with the
amount attached unknown, and A.J. could be making his decision soon. I
know that a great team on paper doesn’t mean squat, as that was sure as
hell proved this past season, but I can’t help but imagine what the
Yankee rotation will be looking like in ’09.

3. Speaking Of ’09

passed by the new Yankee Stadium semi-recently and honestly, saying
that it’s absolutely gorgeous doesn’t even do it justice. I don’t know
about everyone else but just looking at it once makes me forget about
the whining from everyone about it’s price tag.

4. Uh…

Honestly, I haven’t been keeping up as much as I should be lately, so you guys are going to have to fill me in on what’s going on lol.

Side Note:
will definitely be making a better effort to keep posting from now on.
Been tied up a little, but I’ll try more to not let the blog die.

Side Side Note: Big congratz to Jeff & Allen at Red State Blue State for coming out on top for most visited Fan Blog this year.



  1. levelboss

    just two more pieces to the starting rotation puzzle.. Burnett, Sheets, or Lowe

    i’ll say Sheets, because at 2/26 it doesn’t seem like a bad risk even if he gets injured.. i heard Sheets has some nasty stuff so a partial season of nasty might be better than a whole season of mediocre..

    and the last piece, maybe Lowe..


    how lucky you are, V, to have the option of going to the new Yankee Stadium any time of the year

  2. flairforthedramatic

    that rotation looks pretty sick. i hope our high expectations don’t come back to bite us in the *** cheeks, as they have recently, lol.
    ah, yes, i do feel lucky. i’ll never stop loving nyc. aside from Yankee Stadium, it’s also the only city that has Charmin public restrooms that make emptying your bladder an amusement park experience lmao. true story.
    V [F4Td]

  3. levelboss

    i think Cashman and Hank are gonna have a wild shopping spree this Hot Stove.. after not acquiring Santana last year, they’re gonna max out the Yankees’ credit card (maybe they’ll ask for a bailout? lol)

    right now i’m reading rumors about *gulp* Manny Ramirez! supposedly some folks at Yankee headquarters are discussing Manny.. whaddya think of that, V?

  4. flairforthedramatic

    yeah, knowing Hank, he’ll likely be making sure the Yanks grab a lot of headlines with trade news.
    nd oh god, i really hope the Yanks aren’t going after that scum. manny and a yankee uniform are like pancakes and cheese… just does not go together. as entertaining as he is, he still just isn’t yankee-esque.
    V [F4Td]

  5. neal07

    As well as Sabathia and Burnett, Girardi met with Sheets and is preparing an offer for him. Lowe is the same. But we are on the verge of a new centerfielder in Mike Cameron, in case you didn’t know that. Thanks for keeping the blog up as best you can, it’s still fun to read.

  6. flairforthedramatic

    Neal – I didn’t know about the Mike Cameron deal until recently.. and I’m not surprised about it really. Although in the short term it’d be a good move, the Yanks need to commit to the guys they bring up from their own system. The Yanks used to win with youth and I think they can again if they only realize that the youngsters won’t get it right at first, and the toughest part is having faith in them.
    Jane – I don’t have a blog roll here, but on wordpress I still have you there if I’m not mistaken. I haven’t changed anything.
    – V [F4Td]

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