Wheeeel Of Fortuuune

“Uhh.. C!” – “Yes, two C’s on the board.”

“I would like to buy a vowel. A!” – “You got it.”

“I’ll spin again… J!” – “And we have a J. Would you like to solve the puzzle?”

wheel of fortune-1.jpg

Nahhhhh, not yet. This game is fun. Hehe.”

so the shopping spree continues. Though this news was already
anticipated, the Yanks have indeed sealed the 82.5 million dollar 5
year deal with that other pitcher referred to by primarily his first
two initials, A.J. Burnett. However, despite throwing $240 million at
the two newly acquired arms, the game is far from over. With rumors of
the Yanks possibly aiming for another arm, with Andy’s future in
pinstripes uncertain, and of Mike Cameron possibly playing in NYC, the
roster is still in for some changes.

the fact that I know, all too well, that a team on paper means nothing,
I’m still salivating at the sight of this:  Wang, CC, Joba, A.J.,
Pettitte/??… How many days until Opening Day again?

Side Notes:

Believe it or not, a team actually signed Wilson Betemit. Which one you
ask? The only one led by a crazy s.o.b. Ahh, yes, those White Sox. One
piece of info: you know that thing players swing with? Yeah, Betemit
isn’t so good with that. Good luck 🙂

About those rumors of a Manny in New York, I’m thinking that really
won’t happen, but if by some miracle it does.. prepare to witness a



  1. Jane Heller

    I think we’re out of money, so no Manny or Teixeira. I really wanted Tex to bat in front of A-Rod, since Abreu’s gone, but I guess Nady will be in the #3 slot. I liked what little I saw of the X-Man, but now that the pitching is falling into place, the offense needs looking at too.


  2. flairforthedramatic

    Ahh, Tex would’ve been a great addition, but I don’t think even Hank wants to deal thhhatt much money right now. I agree about Nady. He did seem to be the only consistent bat in the lineup, turning up a solid 1 or 2 hits a game when the other bats were going 0-fer.
    And yes, the rotation is looking pretty nice. There’s much to be done about the lineup still… let’s see what the Yanks have in store.
    – V [F4Td]

  3. levelboss

    funny with the Wheel of Fortune thing..
    “- About those rumors of a Manny in New York.. prepare to witness a boycott.”

    huh? you really would not watch the games? you might become a fan of Manny – a fanny! lol

  4. flairforthedramatic

    Level – “a fanny” –> LMAO… I hiiiiiighly doubt that, but since Tampa actually made the postseason, I suppose anything’s possible lol.
    Homer – Veyyyry fun pitchers to watch. I’m really not looking forward to seeing Pettitte leave though, especially after hearing that Moose was retiring. Mussina, despite his lack of a Joba type fastball, was entertaining to watch nonetheless. He really knew how to work with what he had… oh god, I’m talking about him in past tense. Come back Moose!!
    – V [F4Td]

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