Murderers’ Row-tation

won’t be official until both sides sign on the dotted line, but
apparently one undisclosed source is stating that the last vacant spot
in the 5 man rotation Yankee fans are looking forward to seeing in ’09 will be filled by Andy Pettitte… eventually.
This “source with knowledge of the pitcher’s intentions” is sure of it,
calling it “inevitable”, and although it’s hard to believe unnamed
sources these days.. I’m saying it’s inevitable too. From my
understanding, the only problem is  the money… surprise surprise. The
Yanks don’t want to pay more than $10 million [even though they’ll give
CC $9.5 million for not doing a thing] and Andy doesn’t want to take a $6
million pay cut…

I say just give him $12 or 13 million and make it a damn done deal already.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this:


plus this:


might as well equal this:


So how ’bout it eh?



  1. levelboss

    a sick rotation..


    [just add power-bat to make (1) serving of World Series Chamionship]

  2. neal07

    That is an excellent nickname for the rotation. Fitting, too. But I agree with levelboss up there. We need a power bat, too. The lineup looks all right right now, but when you think about it, it’s really pretty shallow. Without Abreu, we have no real No.3 hitter, and if A-Rod goes up there, there’s no cleanup hitter.

  3. flairforthedramatic

    Level, Neal & Jane – Ahh, yes. Though our rotation is looking pretty siiick, our lineup doesn’t seem so solid. I would love another great hitter, whether they have power or not, but I just wish the Yanks wouldn’t spend a fortune trying to get one. The organization has already made a hell of a lot of NYers angry with the fact that they’re handing out millions without a second thought to ballplayers while the city is threatening to tax anything and everything [including sugary drinks, downloaded music and the bridges] to combat the budget crisis in NY.
    – V [F4Td]

  4. flairforthedramatic

    Level – Lol.
    Elizabeth – Wow, don’t think I’ve heard a Red Sox fan look at it like that. A lover of the competition huh? I’m looking forward to it to. Should be a hell of a season.
    – V [F4Td]

  5. flairforthedramatic

    Jeff – Lmao.. thx for that little reminder. However, I’m CONVINCED that our drought will come to an end with GWB’s reign. Eight years with no WS ring and eight years with a horrible president can’t just be a coincidence can it? lol. Viva Obama!
    – V [F4Td]

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