If Secrets Were Safe. . .

comment I recently made over Jane’s blog about the thought of
possibly a confidentiality agreement between players, managers and the
like following the Torre spill [not ever gonna happen, but still…] got me thinking about the security of
secrets these days… What exactly would this country be like if all secrets were safe huh? Here’s what I concluded:

If secrets remained secrets in America:

The words “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”, spoken by this man, would not be something to laugh at:


There wouldn’t be signs like these:

bonds sign 2.jpg

or a ball in the Hall of Fame with an actual asterisk on it like so:

bonds ball.jpg

Plaxico wouldn’t be Cheddar Bob [If you’ve never seen 8 Mile… *shaking my head*]

plaxico cheddar bob.jpg

People would still think it was normal for Mark to look like this:

mcgwire 1.jpg

No one would know that this guy was a smart man [until he got caught]:

Tim Donaghy.jpgWe wouldn’t have found out that this guy isn’t actually a perfect angel:

joba.jpgHe’d still have his job:

eliot spitzer.jpgHe’d still have his wife… or not:

a-rod cynthia.jpgThis man would be just a guy with bad hair and an unpronounceable name:

blagojevich.jpgAnd of course, we’d surely be doing less of this:

laughing emoticon.jpgHehe…
In closing, should secrets remain secrets?… Nahhhh.
Not that the proposed confidentiality type agreements were ever going to happen, but if they did, can you say: BoOoOo.



  1. thekfny28

    8 MILE!

    I do have a friend named Cheddar Bob who shoots himself in the leg with his own gun
    I did get jumped, by all six of you chumps
    And Wink did F my girl
    I’m still standin here screaming F the real world, et cetera.

    Anyway, you’re totally right on this one as always. Screw hiding secrets…

    -EJ the Kid From New York

  2. Jane Heller

    Funny post, V. That picture of McGwire makes him look….well, not normal. I think it’s almost impossible to keep a secret these days. Stuff just gets out. I struggled with this when I was writing my book. (Should I tell this story about this person? Does it add anything or just make me look mean-spirited?) I think our public figures will always be scrutinized and should be. And that includes baseball players. I vote no on confidentiality agreements on the Yankees, that’s for sure.


  3. flairforthedramatic

    Julia – Ehh, I don’t think I could support it at all… unless I were the person with something to hide, but since that’s not the case.. let it all out! Lol.
    EJ – Lol, ahh, that movie was good. Eminem is siick.
    Neal – Yeah, who would want to live in America is if were like that? Lol.. & thx.
    Jane – I know right? Mark looks like the Hulk there.. and yes, scrutiny is such a beautiful thing.. unless of course you’re the one being scrutinized, but whatever lol.. either way, no secrets!
    – V [F4Td]

  4. Elizabeth D

    Secrets are what make our lives (aka baseball) interesting, and it gives Mr. Stewart and Mr. Colbert something to talk about. I just call him Blago for short… I don’t even want to TRY and spell his name. Great look at all the secrets!!

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