Baseball Is A Dirty Rag That Just Can’t Get Enough

and A-Rod/A-Roid/A-Fraud/A-Retard just became that rag’s biggest spot, with the news that he was one of the 104 reasons that baseball began imposing random drug tests in ’04.

dirty rag 1.jpg

I can’t believe I’m surprised to hear of more steroid news, but I guess this sport just loves to be tarnished.

Is it too much to ask for baseball’s future HOF’s to… I don’t know… not dope?

you imagine the shape baseball would be in if it weren’t for guys like
Derek Jeter, who do it on Gatorade and chewing gum? Boys in the minors:
take notes. I’d hate for this sport to have to be still dealing with
this in the future.

It seriously is a shame. A-Rod does have an unmatched work ethic…
Will an asterisk be forever mentioned with his name now too?
P.P.S. I’ll ask the same question Jane did.. who are the other 103 players who tested positive in ’03 and why are we only hearing about A-Rod? You know how I feel about secrets. We fans deserve to know the truth about the people we idolize.
P.P.P.S. Opening Day is going to be a ball… The fans now have another reason to boo. I wonder if he can take another 9 years of love and hate?

Vid of his lie in action:

You saw his nod when he said “no” right? smh.



  1. levelboss

    noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! say it isn’t so!
    the Yankee drama just keeps rolling! first the Torre book, now A-Rod’s 2003 supposed steroid use with the Rangers.. all right before Spring Training
    if he did it and fessed up NOW before ST, then it could be alright.. just like Giambi and Petiitte fessed up

  2. Jane Heller

    I agree with levelboss. If he comes forward and says, “Yep, I did it,” that’ll be it. Because steroids were illegal in ’03. And you mention Jeter, V. How do we know he’s clean? If anybody is? I’m not even sure there’s a Santa Claus anymore? 🙂

  3. flairforthedramatic

    Level – I don’t know if that’ll be enough for the fans that’ll likely boo him anyway Opening Day.
    Jane – Lol, God, I sure hope he is clean. If he isn’t there is absolutely no way baseball can ever recover.
    And about the steroids not being illegal in ’03 thing.. eehck. Slavery wasn’t illegal a while back.. didn’t make it any less wrong though. This is purely an ethics thing and A-Rod failed in that category when he failed that test and failed to mention it for the past 6 years.
    – V [F4Td]

  4. juliasrants

    Vanessa – This is another shameful day for baseball. And I agree – legal or not – you don’t take dope to give yourself an advantage over the next guy. A-Rod has a LOT of explaining to do and I suggest he doesn’t pull a Mark McGwire and tell us he “doesn’t want to talk about the past.”


  5. flairforthedramatic

    Jeff – I would love to say that but I’m sure it is so… *tear*.
    TFL – You have a point there… but I really don’t think Jeet, with the way he was brought up and everything he’s done, has ever or would ever do steroids… but then again, I could be wrong. People aren’t always what they seem. However, if somehow, Jeter did do roids once, it would be a hell of a blow to the fans and baseball. If Jeet isn’t clean… no one is.
    Julia – I think he is already leaning toward doing that. He was confronted two days prior about this and he didn’t say anything… and I believe has already stated he won’t comment. Ya know.. I thought only political figures could define scandal.. but A-Rod is the new definition.
    – V [F4Td]

  6. Erin Kathleen

    I don’t know if we’ll know the other 103 names on the list since there are a lot of legal issues regarding the confidentiality of the tests. The testing was supposed to be done anonymously so MLB could determine how bad the doping problem really was. That’s also why the players who tested positive weren’t supposed to face any punishment. I don’t know how ARod’s name got leaked, and we’ll probably never know since most reporters would rather go to prison than reveal their sources.

    As far as the minor leaguers go, the minor leagues implemented stringent PED testing long before MLB, so chances are pretty good that those guys are clean. And if they’re not, the current testing procedure will let us know. There won’t be any more surprises from now on.

  7. neal07

    All right, he lied. How many players would have come clean right then though? The Mitchell Report was being dropped, and A-Rod was supposed to be there as a representative of the cleaner side of the game. When Couric asks him, “Just for the record, have you ever used steroids?” Can you imagine the bombshell it would have been right then if he had responded, “Yes, in fact, I have.”? Plus, he came clean later. At the time of that interview, he had stopped. You can’t turn back the clock, so what more do you want from him?

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