Taking It All In

The Press Conference:

because this involved Alex Rodriguez, a lot has already been said about
this one.. and naturally, because this involved Alex Rodriguez, a hell
of a lot more negative things have been put out there than positive..
which shouldn’t surprise anyone. However, I think this time it was
possibly taken to a whole new level.

a-rod fans.jpg

has been the front and back page story more times than I can count, but
yesterday was probably the first time I felt as if many had their
articles written before A-Rod even said a word. Granted, it was pretty
much inconceivable to think that whatever A-Rod had to say or whatever
answers he gave was going to be powerful enough to take the stench
created by this latest ‘roid news away, but a lot of times power comes
not only from what is said.. and yesterday, for some reason, along with
some things I too found unpleasant, I also saw some things I
felt were commendable. For one, it was evident that Alex attempted to
prepare as best he could, as pretty much everyone knows he’s not a
great public speaker to say the least, realized that he did
this to himself and had to deal with it, was honestly sorry for it and
was probably more vulnerable than at least I’ve ever seen him. However, with that said, I know that the news of Alex’s use of steroids was a stab in the heart and
back to many, but I’ll let everyone else spend years criticizing him.
For the most part I pretty much take the stance that if it is not who you are now,
I don’t care.. and because A-Rod has not failed a drug test since ’03
[obviously not needing ‘roids to play at the level he has] and can’t
change the past even if he wanted to, I don’t see a reason to continue
picking this apart [his credibility/character may be a different story]. Judgement Day will still come for him 14 or so
years from now whether he likes it or not.

One more thing though…

Rodriguez said he knew that what he was taking wasn’t Tic Tacs…

primabolan tic tacs.jpg

but ehhhh, I don’t know… they look pretty much the same to me.

El Capitan’s Response:

Jeet had not said much about the situation since the story broke out,
when he spoke to reporters yesterday, I think all that came from his
mouth was pretty much expected. Unsurprisingly, he stated that he and
the team would be behind him, supporting him even though they do not
condone what he did, that Alex admitted to his mistake and now it’s
time to move on. However, probably the only thing really worth noting
is Jeet’s defense of the game, assuring all that not everyone
was taking at the time. I do wish many more people would realize this
and not state that ‘well, everyone was doing it so it really shouldn’t
be a surprise’ or something like that, because though many were, much
more weren’t and shouldn’t be put in the same boat.

The Death Of A Ballpark:

Yes, Shea’s demolition is done…

shea demolition.jpg

Ding dong, the witch is dead!

Sorry, just had to say that.

Manny Still On The Market?:

This guy does know that spring training is literally days away right? Hmm… should we start a pool?

Mark Teixeira:

Does the boy look good in Yankee blue or what?


Then again.. who doesn’t?

[Besides maybe Sal Fasano.. but we will not speak of that..]



  1. juliasrants

    Vanessa – watching A-Rods news conference with my two sons (11 & 14) I thought some of their comments were a pretty good indication as to who much work he has to do to win back the fans trust and respect – 1. He never said he was sorry. (B0mber’s beat has the transcript on his blog.) 2. “Young & stupid and didn’t go to college” – my boys were furious at the comment (that was repeated too many times) – their take: we are young, haven’t gone to college but we aren’t stupid and we know NOT to let anyone inject us who isn’t a doctor; 3. It was troubling to them that his story changed again. 4. And they wanted to know how his cousin brought the drugs into the country. Just because they might have been legal in the Dominican Republic, they weren’t legal here and you can not bring drugs into the country like that. Sadly, I don’t think we know the whole story yet – and if we don’t find it all out soon, the Yankees could be in for a VERY long season.


  2. flairforthedramatic

    Julia – Though A-Rod did not say it the literal word “sorry” in his opening remarks, he said it many times while answering questions. He said sorry to I believe the parents, his teammates and the fans of baseball. About the young, stupid & didn’t go to college reference.. I don’t know. I was thinking about it and, at first, all I could think was, I’m 17 and I wouldn’t have done that, but then again, I can’t say that for sure. I was only 10-12 during that period I think so I can’t say much about it, but I don’t you can ever truly say you wouldn’t have done something unless you’re put into that situation. I mean, I’ve done a lot and said a lot that even I didn’t think I was that stupid to do/say, and yet, I did. It happens. I’m not saying what he did was forgivable.. far from it.. but I’m just not so quick to criticize more than I should. I don’t think he changed his story. He basically said the same thing to Gammons, but added the cousin bit in the conference. I didn’t expect him to say every little detail.. as it was some years back.. and I honestly don’t remember what I did two weeks ago, let alone 6-8 years ago… but anyways, my main point was that I just think that some people, once they heard he had done steroids, were so quick to hate him [and understandably so], but continue to be just focused on bashing him now because of it, no matter what he says or does. Though I was one of those who felt hurt by the news, I’m at least trying to keep an open mind.
    – V

  3. Jane Heller

    You’re right, V. He did use the word “sorry” more than once. Is his credibility in question? Of course. We have no idea if more revelations will come out. But he made a mistake and he’ll pay the consequences. I’m with Jeter; I don’t condone what he did, but he’s our guy and we have to rally around him.


  4. flairforthedramatic

    Jane – Exactly.. as unfortunate as this all is.. nothing can be done to change it. The past is past. The team has to focus on the season.. and as much as it pained me to hear of this news and as much as it irritates me the things he does sometimes, he’s still part of the team.. a large part in fact.. and I think he’s faced enough scrutiny.
    Happy Youngster – Lol, indeed. 6ish more days until the Spring Training games begin!
    Jeff – Ya know, I mentioned that bit for you. I know you’re hesitant to pick up the one that says less than 2 calories per mint, but trust me, it’s better for you! You wouldn’t want an interrogation too… but come to think of it.. you might do well w/ that. All you have to say is “You would’ve done it too. Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.” Lol.
    MetsMainMan – Lol, sorry about that, but Yankee fan or not, I never liked Shea. Actually, the first game I ever went to was at Shea Stadium.. and it just wasn’t pleasant.. maybe it was the blue & orange that triggered my disgust, I don’t know, lol…. About Manny.. hmm, I don’t know.. I was thinking he would sign like.. out of this country.. Japan maybe? Apparently no one wants him here.. or at least doesn’t want to spend money on him here.
    – V

  5. mlbtribefan

    I met A-Rod once as he was getting ready to play against the Indians last year. I also met Jeter.

    Jeter is pure professionalism, grace, class, cordial and really down to earth. A-Rod is shallow, oversensitive, selfish and has to be reminded of any baseball fans around him. We were in a crowd of Yankee supporters on the road and my wife, an Indians fan, said, “Hey Alex, the least you could do is turn around and acknowledge your fans.” He gave this sarcastic wave and “plastic” smile while remaining on the phone. It was so fake and obnoxious. This is why Jeter is a captain and Alex is a wannabe.


  6. flairforthedramatic

    Aaron – I can’t say that A-Rod isn’t any of the things you mentioned, as I’ve noticed that too, but I don’t know.. I’ve seen some some bright spots from him. I honestly think that he is at least a little bit better of a person than he comes off as, but I could be wrong. He is definitely not the type of guy as Jeet, or Andy or some of the other guys are, but he’s not the devil. If I felt the enormous amount of pressure he has felt in his entire career and I had to hear the constant criticism, I’d probably be a hell of a lot more rude than he is.. but that could just be me.. However, I do agree to a certain level with your description of him as fake.. as I am probably one of many who doesn’t seem to believe a word he says a lot, but ehhh.. I don’t what is, but somehow, I still feel like he’s young and stupid [and this is coming from a 17 year old]. He hasn’t completely shown that he has grown to be a man of character, but I wouldn’t label him as fake forever. Let’s see what happens.
    – V

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